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The Final Battle-Warriors Unite | by hollychan2
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The Final Battle-Warriors Unite

Attend! Here is the plan. Do not let anyone see this who is not part of the resistance. To quickly update. Xemoo is in possession of the tube that I gave to Jimi Hendrix when I brought him through time to have dinner with my family. After stealing the tube from Hendrix he has been hiding in Time to elude capture by me. La Dee Dolly’s Phoebe and Prudence have been keeping track of him. They have also been hiding lesser tubes with musicians should Xemoo activate this altered tube. If he activates this altered tube we will be enslaved by his race of aliens and be cowed into submission by listening to musak for all enterity. The major songs on the musak loop with be “you’re having my baby”, “sylvia’s mother” and “who let the dogs out”. The lesser tubes could help but are untested.

With the help of rhubs knit’s Goldie I will be seizing Xemoo and dragging him to the present. Goldie has been working against the clock to perfect a Transporter and completed it one hour ago. Once I seize Xemoo I will throw him into the Transporter and into the present.

As soon as he reaches the present Xemoo will attempt to leave and hide once again through time. Like a slippery eel he can enter any present time line and from that line slip into hiding. You Blythe Warriors are all that stand between him and escape. You must be vigilante if he trys to enter your home and time line. Stop him at all costs by pushing him back. If he gets past you he will elude us forever. Here is a chart of possible routes he will take. He will not be going into the South as he came that way from Goldie’s Transporter . He will not take the Eastern Route as Lily, Rosy and Ivy are waiting and they have been fasting all day and are mean. To the West Nicky and Lydia await and they are very very powerful. He will not go North. That is the route to Lemoncurd and the Nine and he senses something there that he fears.

Will he go to your house Pammy? All the Space Alien Bachelors seek your hand. Mr. Pffsstt and Mr. Poopie Pants will stand guard there though they are the weakest of the three bachelors. We need to save Broken Wings by Mister Mister!

BebopGirls Josephine Jazz has been dodging shoes for over a month but he could still go that way. Kitkatkamera’s Agnes is wielding a chain saw and Lindamom hopes he goes that way. What will happen should he wander into the route that leads to the kittenlashes. What horror awaits him there with these beautiful sleek haired sirens! Are you ready voodoolady, sassybead, blythe-chan and Roz? Are your girls ready maude80, blippium and April Sugar Balloon? Miranda are your sagwayum girls ready?! Is Santana ready Puzzlement with her powers and your girls blythes in the garden, shimmering magic and blythebook? Char, blytheraphy, sleepgirl2 watch your homes! Chai kiss the Lady for good luck! Pip guard moondoxy! Moondoxy's Zoey,Godess of Everything and her Peace Shield of Victory will be unpassableyour Riverbear, moonrouge and DI2guilt be strong for your girls! ZuZu you and you mighty sisters defend your home. Hejog I hope he comes to you because your girls will destroy him! Josephine Jazz gather sisters! Anyone I forgot send me your name and you will be added to the Roll of Hero’s!

Wish me luck! If I can not seize him all is lost. Activate the lesser tubes. Do not let him escape. There’s a battle outside and its raging. It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls. I say goodbye hopefull not for the last time. Now, before I go I have to do BNN.


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Uploaded on August 14, 2012