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BNN Interview

Good Evening from Blythe Network News. Holly here with a special feature. Tonight I will be interviewing two of the Traveling Blythe hosts. I will be speaking to Compass’ host Sparkle Friday and to Aurora’s host ginger*urchin.

Holly: Good Evening Sparkle Friday. I cannot tell you home impressed I am that you kept a Journal of your Traveler’s adventures. It is so scientific of you. When future generations want to do a study of The Traveling Blythe’s I am sure your Journal will prove very valuable.

Sparkle Friday: Thank you Holly! Would you like me to begin?

Holly: Please!

Sparkle Friday:

Day 1:Compass arrived and got her bearings and learned the lay of the land.

Day 2: She went on a Field trip to the beach....this was a nerve wracking day for me because she was carefully wrapped in my back pack on this walking field trip... there was sand to contend with and children!!! But I am happy to say - she is none worse for wear!

Holly: I have heard that Day 3 was particularly exciting.

SF: Yes it was. Day 3: She went to the Cheese Factory - The cheese makers were very excited to meet her as they had once met a traveling bear from China and enjoyed his company very much. They were more than accommodating and gave her all the free cheese she could eat! Also, Compass had lunch with Sally (ssmartraggs) and her girl Clair. Clair shared some hair tips with Compass because if you hadn't noticed Compass has a problem keeping her hair out of her eyes.

Holly: A common problem. That is the kind of fact that Blythe lovers of the future will be interested in reading.

SF: Day 4: Compass announced the opening of the Farmer's Market for the season! She greeted people from all across our county and they were impressed that such a celebrity would come to our little part of the world. Also, she managed to find "head lettuce" that was bigger than her head!

Day 5: She insisted on taking me some where I had never been so we went to the mouth of the Klamath River! Much to our amazement the whales were migrating! So she convinced the boys (and me) that we must hike down to get a better look... it was well worth the vertical hike back up!

Days 6-10.... We still have planned a visit with Rachael (lemoncurd) and Jessica (twilite_dreamz.) We will be taking day trips to Medford, Oregon and Arcata, California. She is requesting sunshine, a visit to the lighthouse and a hike in the redwoods. She is full of surprises so who knows what else may happen!

Holly: Thank you Sparkle Friday for this riveting account! Your photos were wonderful and all our readers would like to thank you for being a Traveling Blythe Host!! (whispering: you know I would give you a kiss and a hug but it would be unprofessional.)


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Taken on June 14, 2012