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if you really know me, you'd know i get jealous quite easily. you'd know i make a lot of wrong decisions, more then a natural human being should make..

you'd know i could get annoyed reallly easily, and i can annoy people easily. you'd know sometimes i'm a follower, and overall..a leader.

but with the leadership, most of the time it leads to a bad cause.

if you really knew me , you'd know i'm straight up. if i were thinking something, i'd say it out loud. it gets me into trouble most of the time..that's where the trouble in the leadership comes, because i can take it too far.

if you really knew me, youd know that i do go through a lotttttt of rough times! at least 1 thing bad or going on in my life. i think that's natural..but in my opinion, i think that rough times are too much for anyone to handle.

if you really knew me , you'd think i'm being selfish. i find myself being selfish a lot, but i really don't mean to!

if you really knew me, you'd know i have likings and dislikings for certain people..and i'd rather people understand that, rather then ask you for all the information about it!


if you really knew me you'd know i take things too far and be straight up about it, but it's too much..because half of the time that i take things too far, being straight jealousy.



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Taken on November 12, 2010