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Raindrop    ( Explored )

Raindrop    ( Explored ) Reflection Raindrops Hagebutte pink rose dew drop pink flower like diamonds raindrop spider-web  ( Explored ) raindrops Beautiful springtime Violet in the rain Sunrise in the morning dew just a little water drop.....

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Dishan Samaratunge says:

i love this pic :)
Posted 89 months ago. ( permalink )

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Elahe Dastgheib says:

love your raindrops captures, hope to see more of them,
of course after winter :)
Posted 86 months ago. ( permalink )

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ABERLIN2009 says:

Posted 85 months ago. ( permalink )

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ferdinando quaranta says:

amazing drops, ciao
Posted 83 months ago. ( permalink )

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