is a sort of a magazine begun (technically) in september 1979 which continues to the present & beyond; arguably the longest-running independent literary magazine in Canada. its editor is jwcurry (guest editors & coëditors have been Greg Evason, Edward Knowlton, Mark Laba, Peggy Lefler, Lillian Necakov, Stuart Ross & Richard Truhlar) & it is ordinarily published under the Curvd H&z imprint. all issues are variously bound & most printed in-house (primarily rubberstamp, mimeo & silkscreen, among other things). it appears to no set schedule & has thus far ran for 63 separate issues.
herein are those 63 issues & the reprints of issues 1 through 5 & 7 (by Underwhich Editions as part of the boxed HEADS & H&Z anthology). biznis cards are in the early part of the Curvd H&z set at, wherein can also be found a coupla related things linked to where relevant..
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