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MESSAGIO GALORE take XIV | by jwc 3o2
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Hit'n'Run Lecture #4 Canadian Small Change Association

jwcurry Rachel Lindsey Georgia Mathewson Brian Pirie Robert Rosen

& special guest Alastair Larwill

11 april 2o14 at Gallery 1o1, 51B Young Street, Ottawa, 8 PM


front cover: Jaap Blonk, der minister I, english version by jwcurry

rear cover: Hugo Ball, Seepferdchen und Flugfische



in the course of MESSAGIO GALORE take XIII,

in no particular order,

you will be hearing arrangements of:


1. AGATHA! WAKE UP! I'M CURED!, Richard Beland (Canada, 1992?); source: unpublished manuscript. plastic prose morphing from sense to sound to resense. solo


2. A Little Valentine, Steve McCaffery (Canada, 1977); source: Steve McCaffery, research on the mouth (Toronto, Underwhich Editions, 1978?), transcribed by jwcurry & Sheena Mordasiewicz (Canada, 2o12). a trystcycle built for 2 interpenetrates itself to become a relentless rush toward simultaneous climax. duo: curry/Mathewson


3. anacyclic poem with two shouts DHARMATHOUGHTS STUPAWARDS, dom sylvester houédard (Engalnd, 1966); source: KROKLOK #1 (ed.dom sylvester houédard; London, Writers Forum, 1971). "for the artists protest committee for their call from losangeles for a tower against the war", an anagrammatic poem in 3 vowels & 4 consonants. duo: curry/Mathewson


4. auf dem land, ernst jandl (Austria, 1968?); source: konkrete poesie deutschsprachige autoren, ed.eugen gomringer (reprint?, Stuttgart, Philipp Reclam, 198o). an "utter zoo" octupletted & here arranged as simultaneous nouns'n'sounds. duo: curry/Lindsey


5. A Visit to the Aviary, arr.jwcurry (Canada, 2o13); source: unpublished manuscript. not a medley but a concatenation of texts based on birdyak by Dureau de la Malle ("tinu, tinu, tinu, tiau"; France, 1947), Raoul Hausmann (Oiseautal; France, 1919) & Kurt Schwitters (Super-Bird-Song; England, 1946). trio: curry/Pirie/Rosen


6. B, François Dufrêne (France, 1958); source: POESIE SONORE INTERNATIONALE, ed.Henri Chopin (Paris, Jean-Michel Place Editeur, 1979). a trebleganger of paraphonics, the 2nd section of Dufrêne's Le tombeau de Pierre Larousse. trio: curry/Lindsey/Pirie


7. BERLIN ABSTRACT, Richard Truhlar (Canada, 197-?); source: Owen Sound [Michael Dean, David Penhale, Steven Smith, Richard Truhlar], MEAFORD TANK RANGE (Toronto, Wild Press, 1977). there's something vowel in the rankenphile. solo


8. "BREATH IS", bill bissett (Canada, 1966?); source: bill bissett, fires in th tempul OR TH JINX SHIP ND OTHR TRIPS (Vancouver, Very Stone House, 1966), arranged by jwcurry & Grant Wilkins (Canada, 2o11). a concrete scattertext demonstrates the logic inherent in some of bissett's more radical field compositions. duo: curry/Lindsey


9. CANZONE RUMORISTA cantata in coro sui teatri d'Italia in ANICCAM del 2000, Fortunato Depero (Italy, 1916?); source: Imagining Language An Anthology, ed.Steve McCaffery & Jed Rasula (2nd ed, Cambridge, MIT Press, 2oo1). the more optophonetic of the but 2 texts thus far found from his suite of unknown size. solo


1o. "crickets", Aram Saroyan (USA, 1965?); source: LINES #6, ed.Aram Saroyan, New York, 1965). a variable-speed, multiturntable arrangement of a version heard in the play-off groove of an issue of i think it'd been OU magazine at Brian Dedora's in the early'8os. full quintet


11. CRODZIAC DZÉGOUM APIR, Claude Gauvreau (Canada, 1951?); source: unfortunately inaccessible at the moment but i suspect it to've been found in Caroline Bayard's The New Poetics in Canada and Quebec (Toronto, University Of Toronto Press, 1989). the protracted cacemphatonia of an audiophilologist with a bent toward the more obnoxious elements of pronuncimicational maledicta. solo


12. der minister, Jaap Blonk (Holland, 1989?), rescored in english by jwcurry (Canada, 2oo8); source: Japp Blonk, FLux be boucHE (Amsterdam, Staalplaat, 1993), with reference to an alternate translation quoted in RAMPIKE (possibly vol.12 #1, ed.Karl Jirgens; Toronto, 2oo2). disintegrational syntax in 2 contradictory complements. duo: part I, Pirie; part II, curry


13. Dew On The Newts We Got, Frank Zappa (USA, 197o?); source: Frank Zappa, 200 MOTELS (reissue, Salem, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Incorporated & Rykodisc, 1997). the 3rd movement (of 7) of the primarily choral suite I Have Seen The Pleated Gazelle. duo: curry/Lindsey


14. DOPPLEGANGER SONNETS, Victor Coleman (Canada, 197-?); source, Victor Coleman, CAPTIONS FOR THE DEAF (Toronto, Rumour Publications, 1979). six poems in one fix tones, win fun. section 3 is dedicated "for Harry Carmichael". duo: curry/Rosen


15. ears, Michelle April/jwcurry (Canada, 2oo6); source: INDUSTRIAL SABOTAGE #63 (ed.jwcurry; Ottawa, Curvd H&z, 2oo8). a rather straightforward poem relentlessly revised with an eye toward an ear. solo


16. East Wind, bpNichol (Canada, 1979?); source: Four Horsemen [Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery, bpNichol], The Prose Tattoo (Milwaukee, Membrane Press, 1983). gridtext deployed across overlain breath lines, vowels blowing consonants all over the place. quartet: curry/Lindsey/Mathewson/Pirie


[17. "expecting the unexpected", Alastair Larwill/Georgia Mathewson (Canada, 2o14); source: unpublished manuscript. unplanned (by most of us, anyway) audience participation, a provocable for 2 snuck into the scorepile while it was being shuffled. duo: Larwill/Mathewson]


18. Generations, bpNichol (Canada, 1988); source: gIFTS The Martyrology Book(s) 7 (&) (Toronto, Coach House Press, 199o). numerical interpolations distract & enact between the given text & that given through the interferences. solo


19. Gil, Don Van Vliet (USA, 1968?); source: Don Van Vliet, Skeleton Blush Scorpion Breath (Bern, Verlag Gachnang & Springer, 1987). the tight list structure of this poem highlights its sonic globulence. solo


2o. GLASS ON THE BEACH, Richard Truhlar (Canada, 1978?); source: Owen Sound, Beyond The Range (Toronto, Underwhich Editions, 198o), transcribed by jwcurry (Canada, 2o1o) from a trio (Michael Dean, Steven Smith, Richard Truhlar) recording at The Music Gallery in Toronto, 18 august 1979, with additional parts adapted from 2 manuscript scores courtesy of Truhlar. extended vocal waveforms with buried shards. full sextet


21. GOING CRITICAL, jwcurry/Michèle Provost (Canada, 2oo9); source: ABSTrACTS / RéSUmÉS, ed.Michèle Provost (Gatineau, privately published, 2o1o). a sibilant example of extreme subsyllabic hocketing. full quintet


22. IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, Frank Zappa (USA, 1964); source: Mothers Of Invention [Jimmy Carl Black, Ray Collins, Roy Estrada, Elliot Ingber, Frank Zappa], FREAK OUT! (USA, Verve Records, 1965), transcribed & jwcurry (Canada, 2oo7). a somewhat remented barberchopping routine, part 2 of Help, I'm A Rock featuring Rachel Lindsey as Suzy Creamcheese ("O mama, now what's got into you?"). full quintet


23. KNOTS, jwcurry (Canada, 1982?); source: The (Almost) Instant Anthology '88, ed.Beverley Daurio, Daniel Jones & bpNichol (Toronto, Meet The Presses, 1988). excerpt from a "translation into concrete poetry" of R.D.Laing's lineated neuroses trackings. duo: curry/Mathewson


24. "kp'erioUM lp'erioum", Raoul Hausmann (Germany, 1918); source: IL COLPO DI GLOTTIDE, edLuciano Caruso, Henri Chopin, Laura Marcheschi & Steliomaria Martini (Firenze, Vallecchio, 198o). Hausmann's refined optophonetic scoring techniques, here still in linear form, introduced a means of maximum control with attendant improvisational opportunity. solo


25. LECTURE ON NOTHING, John Cage (USA, 1949?); source: John Cage, SILENCE (3rd ed, Middletown, Wesleyan University Press, 1976), arr.jwcurry (Canada, 2oo8). rescored in an arrangement for hocketed quartet from cues suggested by Cage's layout of the text, we will be interfering with its trajectory quite a bit with the interpolation of 35 works by others (2o multivoice, 15 solo) & 15 "silent silences" into the bars delineating its sections. quartet: curry/Lindsey/Mathewson/Pirie


26. Marcia futurista, F.T.Marinetti (Italy, 1916); source: as 23 above. an unrehearsed attack, Marinetti's merry march subjected to his own threat of "parole in liberta". full quintet


27. MESCAL RITE 1, Tomahawk (Duane Denison, Mike Patton, John Stanier; USA, 2oo7); source: Tomahawk, Anonymous (Orinda, Ipecac Recordings, 2oo7), transcribed & jwcurry (2o1o). chant (assumedly) devised to accellerate body rhythms to facilitate the onset of the drug. full quintet


28. "Not a", Aram Saroyan (USA, 1966?); source: Aram Saroyan, Sled Hill Voices (London, Goliard, 1966). stumbled upon while searching out the "crickets" variations, its hinge of silence & sound required its inclusion here. solo


29. Pieces Of Stop, bpNichol (Canada, 1978); source: as 16 above. "for Greta Monach", an extremely literal approach to this gridtext of reversed sound envelopes. quartet: Lindsey/Mathewson/Pirie/Rosen


3o. Salmon River Soliloquy, David UU (Canada, 1973); source: David UU, High C (Toronto, Underwhich Editions, 1991). a tweaked list poem. solo


31. Seepferdchen und Flugfische, Hugo Ball (Switzerland, 1916); source: another reference temporarily irretrievable but certainly present in Ball's seven sound poems (London, Writers Forum, 1977). one of the more playfully onomatopœic constructions from Ball's brief fling with "verse without words". solo


32. SIX-FOUR, Alastair Larwill (Canada, 2o1o); source: unpublished manuscript. "for Rob Read", a burst of accumulative disintegrational polysyllabicism. quartet: Lindsey/Mathewson/Pirie/Rosen


33. SIZERZ, Steve McCaffery (Canada, 1976); source: THE CAPILANO REVIEW #31 (ed.Steven Smith & Richard Truhlar; North Vancouver, 1984). scissored. full quintet


34. sounds' favorite words, Paul Haines (Canada, 1986); source: Paul Haines, DARN IT! (USA, American Clavé, 1994). they all bear repeating... solo


35. sweet suite suet, ernst jandl (Austria, 197o?); source: STEREO HEADPHONES #4 (ed.Nicholas Zurbrugg; Kersey, 1971). a notso straightforward lyric poem demonstrating severe semantic slippage. solo


36. The Multiples, Steve McCaffery (Canada, 1981); source: abs TruCt heh GarBagt, editor unknown (an insert in CABINET #1; New York, Immaterial Incorporated, 2ooo), transcribed by Rob Read (Canada, 2o11?). a multiplicity of mispronuncimicated masticatiums of eaneming. duo: curry/Lindsey


37. The Tibetan Memory Trick, Howard Kaylan, Ian Underwood & Mark Volman (USA, 1974?); source: Flo & Eddie, ILLEGAL IMMORAL AND FATTENING (reissue, Albany, One Way Records, 1992). just a li'l labioglottalingual workout for the band (lampshade optional)... full quintet


38. VULKSTRAUT ON KURPATHIC WEQ, Cøghdur Krübben (Canada, 2oo6); source: monograph (Toronto, Kenkor, 2oo6). a cautionary. solo


39. WELTWEHE, August Stramm (Germany, 1914); source: KROKLOK #3 (ed.dom sylvester houédard; London, Writers Forum, 1972). Stramm's scope is nothing less than cosmic in this narrative composed almost solely of verbs, fuelled & shaped by the battlefields he wrote in & the ciphers he wired his poems out through. solo

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