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    LA Spheres as mapped on Keyhole/Google Maps.

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    1. jlbruno ages ago | reply

      much more of a straight line than the florida spheres....

    2. Ketekkitani 120 months ago | reply

      Looks like the orbit of a satellite to me.
      There's something on the lens.

    3. DuumvirTranscendence 120 months ago | reply

      nope not on the lens.

      its something i feel is already up there.

      its the global cloak.

      i have seen it activated before.

      it looks like a grid, yes a grid, of white specks on a black background, not stars, when activated.

      what the planet looks like from the opposite side i have no clue.

      however yes, i feel that i am pretty sure when i say that is the global cloak, considering i have seen it before at 3am when i walked outside my house, and yes, even the horizon should have produced some form of light.

    4. SKATE01 120 months ago | reply

      Why are they all at the same altitude and are the same size. This would be totally impossible.

      I think it's the same reflection of some part of the satellite on the lens during certain angles of projectery.

    5. Itskitiminzin 117 months ago | reply

      Clearly it is much closer to the camera than the surface of the Earth. That is why it is so out of focus, compared to the target surface.

      What do the Google People have to say? "I dunno?"

      During our long, suffering 25 years in the LA area, we twice saw these amazing things way, way up in the air. But they din't look like these photos.

    6. Swiss_Phool 111 months ago | reply

      First of all, this is aerial photography, not satellite photography. It is a mosaic of a series of photographs taken from a camera mounted on an airplane. The fact that the anomaly occurs in a straight line is proof that it is associated with the flightpath of the airplane. So Ketekkitani, you're partially right. It's something on the lens, but not in the vacuum of space...

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