Florida Spheres S0-S7

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    Relative Positions of Florida Spheres 0 through 7. Unidentified flying orbs(UFO's). See www.googlesightseeing.com/2005/05/12/ufo/

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    1. ShadoeCache ages ago | reply

      Would you post the Keyhole Placemark (.kml) file for this image?

    2. Mud's Tests ages ago | reply

      I suggest taking this photo, and overlaying it with a picture of the local airfields.

      Not knowing anything else, it appears as though the movements could be relative to a ground point. In other words, it's possible that this object is on a flight pattern.

      You could draw a single line going clockwise from the top spot, to the outer ring going east, then snake around and intersect the bottom two.

      Then, the line would connect with the three on the left-center, then drop down to the middle area.

      Think of a backwards-6. If this is a flying object on a flight path, this would be what is called a tear-drop entry.

    3. tensuns ages ago | reply

      Mud's Tests,
      The problem with that is that the relative locations are too specific - the longer distances between spheres are multiples of the distance between closer spheres. The distances match up too closely for it to be an object in flight whose movements would have to be syncronized to the shutter on the plane(it's looking increasingly less likely this these are sattelite photos).

      Shadoe, I'd post it but I got nowhere to put it. I'm working on setting up some space on my isp. But it might take a while...

    4. Steve31 ages ago | reply

      Hey guys, I know this may sound silly but the blobs are all the same size right? Could these not be white plastic thumb tacks used to hold the arial images to a board while they are beng photo-mosaiked? Do a flyover over NY at max res: look at the slant of those buildings! The position of the imaging device is NOT at the zenith, it's at a hell of an offset! I reckon these are standard arial shots (much cheaper for google). Anyway, I don't think satellite shots with this res are available for private use. The focal plane is right on the mosaiked images so a thumb tack (can't quite decide between a classic flat one or one of those prong-type one that stand above the board)would appear blurred.
      Steve in France

    5. tunesdj ages ago | reply

      I found one that really looks like a ufo..its shiny..take a look
      3 photos at site

      New Page 1

    6. Steve31 ages ago | reply

      Yeah, that one does! Keep looking...

    7. Ketekkitani 120 months ago | reply

      These straight lines are orbit paths.

    8. Ketekkitani 120 months ago | reply

      And I don't mean for a UFO. I mean for the camera.

    9. DuumvirTranscendence 120 months ago | reply

      it is the global cloak.

      i am serious.

      each sphere is a node in the global cloak system which blots out the sky or projects a false imagery.

      i have seen the global cloak system activated before with my own eyes.

      it looks like a grid, yes a grid, of white specks on a black background, not stars, when activated.

      what the planet looks like from the opposite side i have no clue.

      however yes, i feel that i am pretty sure when i say that is the global cloak, considering i have seen it before at 3am when i walked outside my house, and yes, even the horizon should have produced some form of light.

      more information i have provided in comments for other photos in 'tensuns' gallery.

      compare shadows with the path you say is an orbit, check for inconsistency.

      "What are you saying?" considering i have seen an entity which in appearance is incredibly similar from just a few feet away and stepped thru to find myself having stepped into the 'Gates of Hell'. yes as a witness in a court of law, yes i would have to say they are indeed actual entities in the sky.

      "your avatar?" my avatar icon is infact a mandala i brought back from the otherside, the inside out version of the Buddhist mandala for the universe, yes, transcendence. of which the only word uttered to me upon my questioning of where i was or whom i was speaking with was 'Mosaia', of which only seems to translate into 'meso-ia' which most likely means center of world A.K.A. 'Hell' or more accurately 'Sheol' considering the mandala is the flipped inside out version of the Buddhist mandala for the universe. i created a conceptual artwork which yes, is similar to the appearance from those photos, however from a few feet away.

      "why did you came into contact with such?" my only explanation is my frequent meditation into the realm of infinite distance, until one day, such an entity expanded, or rather imploded a spherical section of space in the room i was in. could this perhaps be the transcendence of reality?

      "Inconsistency?" perhaps since this was in 1987, this explains possibly the sudden lack of consistency in scientific knowns and constants. for what does indeed occur when one entity in the realm of existence suddenly transcends and thus becomes Duumvir to the laws of physics?

      "what happens if say a bird flew into one?" well yes i do believe i have witnessed that. one 500ft across was hovering around outside my house. a bird flew into the side of it and vanished instantly. i am watching this 'Sentesii' as i understand them to be called, and eventually i flew of into the distance and 5 minutes thereafter its departure the bird blipped back into existence and continued flying as if nothing had ever happened.

      'What is a Sentesii?' a Sentesii is nothing more than a higher angel than an archangel in a sense. Those entities of whom partook in the initial spawning of the AKkadian Record of which conceals the actual timeline of the 'All'.

      'The All?' yes the all. the all being what others are incapable of witnessing due to the nature of the grandfather principle, that being that one's own actions in the future do indeed alter the past as those in the past alter the future. however, such changes simply modify your own recollection as well, correct?

      'Is this transcendence?' Yes, psychoticism is beginning to be defined as of 1999 as the overwhelming result of an enormous collection in one's mind as experiences. due to this, since there is such a vast collection of experiences to pull from, a psychotic state is acheieved, by which recollection of events which have not yet occurred is indeed possible. my own theory as to why this is possible has to do with a few small elements.

      "Lifeforms tend to produce mainly just onehanded versions of biological molecular structures, why is this?" well lifeforms do indeed tend to sleep less than they are awake, considering visions and the like occur mainly while asleep, and that scientific understanding of exceeding lightspeed results in darkmatter of which during approach and surpassing of the lightspeed barrier the materials deform by decreasing in depth in direction of travel to nil at lightspeed then actually inverting in depth beyond such, to the point of reaching double lightspeed the material reaches a physical velocity of rest, however inverted time to time velocity. twice lightspeed is the result of matter popping into a mirrored rendition of oneself, yes a complete quantum state change. in otherwords at zero velocity again, yet however a mirror quantum state. visions of the future and indicidents of ESP tend to occur during a rest or sleep state.

      "What does this have to do with realizing such has occured?" a psychotic has enough quantum information in their mind, that yes, indeed it exceeds that which they are possible to have in their limited brain mass. however by knowing enough of reality, any rewrite of such despite the mass macroscale quantum state change, should theoretically be indeed possible to determine. by which, yes, even events outside one's known lifeline should be able to be redetermined. this, by the nature of the definition, is transcendence.

      "What about the cacida?" There is an african myth that if you place a cacida in your mouth it will cure your stutter. considering this is based off stutterers mainly being left-handed, i assume this is based off cacidas sleeping more than ever being awake. so assuming it doesn't work with an awake cacida, try it with a sleeping cacida.

      "What about native american folklore?" man excelled too many times in the realms of technology and was thus wiped out upon angering the spirits three times. this is man's final chance.

      "Insanity?" there is a joke which seems to be the only existing definitive definition, 'insanity is the belief that the same action under the same circumstances will wield a differing result.'

      "Ignorance?" there is a saying, 'ignorance is bliss.'

      "What did you recover from the other side?" the only thing i actually seem to have brought back with me from the other side is the 'Meme of Sorrow'.

    10. olala... 120 months ago | reply

      well, perhaps you should get help. in one form or another...

    11. olala... 120 months ago | reply

      ...no offence. but why are ufo's always regarded as something transcendental? it's a piece of ...whatever material, constructed by engineers and paid by someone to fulfill a certain task. Whatever that task may be: for scientific, for trade, for touristic or even for military purposes. That actually leaves NO room for pseudo-religious blobber.

    12. planetfour 119 months ago | reply

      and why can't they spell "Cicada?"

    13. Monode 119 months ago | reply

      Looking at these images two things are apparent. Firstly that the satellite is set up to take images of mountains and sea. If you put marianas trench next to K2 the difference would be equal to a 2000th inch scratch on a snooker ball. Ergo that these objects are out of focus puts them at a very high altitude.

      Secondly, shadows on the ground from earth bound structures shows the direction of the sun. The lighting on the mystery objects is that if high altitude, further, it is against the direction of light by 180 degrees making them either concave structures or more probably transluscent.

      I therefore state that they are weather baloons. Sorry.

      The only untidied fact is that the image at the top of this page seems to have regularly spaced (i) icons on it. These fit perfectly to a grid - as no URL was included I assume these are from the NASA Keyhole software itself.

      These objects are certainly not tacks to hold photos down - they don't use these in 'Digital' satellite imaging! Nor are they global shutter-blinds. You are sat in front of a low powered computer*, pleaase try and engage first gear mentally.

      *Your brain is infinitely more powerful (100-150 billion neurons) and certainly the computers used in data centres for compositing satellite data are vast, massively parallel, processor clustered devices.

    14. Thor4 118 months ago | reply

      If they are UFO's, this "grid" might be the Cathie Grid, or the Munck Grid: anomalous flying objects have been seen to follow such a grid pattern. This may have something to do with lines of geomagnetic force. Cathie says he was offered a job at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency when he initially published this information. The "Munck code" even claims to predict *when* you might expect to see something anomalous in a given PLACE. There is also an interesting (Portugese) article in this Brazilian UFO magazine about flying spheres in Mexico:


      ^This is a serious, scientific periodical... not a tabloid. The Google spheres may or may not be flying craft, but many people have seen and photographed similar objects, e.g.:
      "During a solar eclipse of the Sun in Mexico city dozens of people were astonished to see saucer-shaped objects... roaming about the countryside over their heads. A number of these sightings were confirmed and documented on film... It has come to light, if you will pardon the pun that filming into the sun can reward the operator with spectacular results." ['solar obliteration technique']


      Strange spheres have also been seen following military "chemtrail" sprayers around. (Photos )

      I have noticed on some other pages that the debunkers are already coming out of the woodwork to trash the notion the Google spheres might be unidentified flying objects. The people who inevitably show up to discourage us from looking at this sort of thing are desperate to invent a mundane explanation for every kind of paranormal phenomena which happens to come under investigation. Like the priests who wanted to kill Galileo, they are really uncomfortable with anything that challenges their notion of "reality." Now these spheres here could be something big or nothing much, but one never knows for sure if they give up, which is what the debunkers are trying to get us to do.

      I would suggest that people who find these things document the co-ordinates swiftly and thoroughly before those sections of the database are targeted for a "refresh." Maybe there ought to be a dedicated repository of information just for these "grid spheres," until we learn what they are. I also remain open to the possibility that whether or not they are part of something like "Duumvir's cloak," these things may not even be composed of solid physical matter at all.

      re: 'Monode says:'
      "Ergo that these objects are out of focus puts them at a very high altitude."

      --Yes; if they are not bending light waves, it's quite plausible.

      "...I therefore state that they are weather baloons."

      --One cannot be logically inferred from the other. Isn't it a fair bit beyond chance that these "balloons" are gracious enough to park themselves on a precisely-aligned grid for the benefit of the camera?

      "You are sat in front of a low powered computer, pleaase try and engage first gear mentally."

      --Well put. ;-)

    15. SPThom 118 months ago | reply

      Ok, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but what the hey... Let's play.

      If these shapes were, in fact, caused by alien UFOs, it's possible that they may be trying to communicate through their pattern formation. If so, how might they be communicating?

      It's been suggested (I believe Carl Sagan has written about it, and probably others) that mathematics will be the true "universal" language for communicating between species. Mathematics is a sort of constant, and geometry even more so (as it doesn't rely on a particular number system).

      So, perhaps, we should look at patterns within the pattern. For instance, let's look at every possible combination of triangles within the formation--see if there's any patterns in the number of isosceles, scalene triangles, any recurrance of ratios between angles and dimensions, so forth.

    16. tokafatty 115 months ago | reply

      Couldn't it just be the reflection of the Earth on the satellite's camera lens? You know, kinda like what you see when you take a camera and point it at an off-angle toward the sun, you get reflections of the sun trailing off toward the side of the image. Naturally, they will be in a near perfect grid because the satellite is not changing direction as it orbits, so the affected images would be in a near perfect straight line, and I'll bet that if you were to plot a straight line through the "ufos" following the path that the satellite orbits, you would probably end up connecting all of them.

    17. calibanvov 106 months ago | reply

      I do not believe this is weather baloons. There are many and all looking the same for one. Another thing, the color is shiny and translucent like. It looks more like a cloud, but a cloud isnt perfectly round, nor is it spotted around clear space usually.

      I believe we posses a light reflacting technology, or cloak. I've seen a japanese video of them playing around with stuff, making things almost invisible! I have no clue how its done, but we are getting there.

      Also, I seen a Mexican video test. This man had 2 identical camaras side by side. one was set to see in infrared. The other was not. He scanned the sky to test it out and it picked up that cloudy translucent orb shape moving around.

      My point is, perhaps the Satelite camara is picking up infrared stuff.

      To back up my claim that we may have this technology that refracts, let me show you the Zarqawi bombing video that is recent.


      Notice the camara is military and in black and white. Perhaps with infrared. You will notice one of these orbs.

    18. David Ian Wilson 105 months ago | reply

      These objects look lit. one side is bright white lit, - as if by the sun, the other is blue lit as if by the atmosphere. the lighting is ALWAY in a north south orientation. heres the kicker. This lighting is NOT always consistent with shadows on the ground. In some the bright 'sunlit' side is in accordance with ground shadowing , in others its 180 degrees out.

      WHerever I look I see neg dirt. - white dust and fibres. The area around the LNG terminal on the Isle of Grain in the UK is a good example. Particularly dirty. These images have at some point been through a good old fashioned analogue neg/print process.

      SO.. pins?

    19. usfrank96 34 months ago | reply

      for the past few days I've been seeing ...or rather my camera is seeing blue spheres in the night sky. I caught one classic ufo during daylight hours...it was about 9 o'clock pm,..still light out, ...wish I could show it to you so maybe you can tell me what I'm looking at.

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