the Word

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    God left it up to us to decide what kind of soil we are when we hear His Word.
    I believe Tim Tebow is of the good soil.

    1. RitetoHim 39 months ago | reply

      Love it, Manny ! I hope more people will read, Pilgrim's Progress in Today's English by John Bunyan retold by James H. Thomas by Moody Publishers. It's an allegory which will reflect the people, as they are that are leaving nasty comments. ex. girlpatriot speaks the truth, MollyMac needs to work on understanding many more out there are ignorant as I was for decades before coming to Christ & we should thank Tebow, for pointing to God's Son and His Salvation for us. Tebow is not pointing to his own self-glorification but reflecting & pointing to God. I Hate the GOP = Mr. Blind & Ignorant ( for now ), take some time out and give Yourself a break and Jesus will give you rest & you will find love & happiness. Mathew 11-28. The sun is not the only source that gives light. God's light is without compare, even to our sun. Just because you can't perceive something with your senses, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. ex. black holes, other galaxies, bacteria, virus, lakes in the ocean, etc. Cynical One, you aptly named yourself, but your fate does not depend on what you believe, but on what you will be judged. You still have a little time, better make good on it ! Read the book, folks, you're all in it. I'm in it, too ! I want to help you all to wake up & Believe ! Ask, Seek, Knock ! Mathew 7:7 - 12.

    2. Manny5949 39 months ago | reply

      Beautifully said, and might I add..."You believe in Me, Thomas, because you have seen me; blessed are those who did not see, yet still believed." I was once a "doubting Thomas".

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