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Portal Board Game (Cuusoo)

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Introducing the new Portal Game as part of Team Jigsaw's Portal Project on Cuusoo, supportal it here!

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  1. Ironsniper 34 months ago | reply

    Damn, that's smart. Hopefully no issues with this, I would love to get one.

  2. ♠DJB♠ [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

    I swear... If this gets made, you'll make me go broke.
    Absolutely great. You have my support.

  3. -infomaniac- 34 months ago | reply

    What a great idea! That game would be awesome.

  4. Nick Brick 34 months ago | reply

    Ten, please. This is freakin cool

  5. Stormbringer. 34 months ago | reply

    How can Lego deny this project? I support!

  6. sqiddster 34 months ago | reply

    Wait... wasn't there another lego portal project that was rejected? This looks like almost the same one? What's going on here?

  7. SWATminifigGUY 34 months ago | reply

    Best. Board game. Ever. I would buy this. I would buy multiples of this.

  8. Kooberz 34 months ago | reply

    I'd like to share with you, a common vision...I'll be happy to help promote the CUUSSO project with my film...https://www.flickr.com/photos/kooberzstudios/7469726058/in/photostream

  9. Thuderbird 34 months ago | reply

    Sweet, would play this every day

  10. -Disty- 34 months ago | reply

    Well done on getting posted on Kotaku and CVG (among other places, I expect)! :D

  11. Kooberz 34 months ago | reply

    Yeah, and hey look...over 5000 supporters already!

  12. -Disty- 34 months ago | reply

    Plus over 60,000 views on Cuusoo! :O

  13. Five Fives 34 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone! :~D

    Yup, we're getting there!

  14. Momento Clor 34 months ago | reply

    What a great idea! I would buy 17 of these the second they come out!!

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