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Day 344/365 - The Little Red Car | by Nicholas Gore
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Day 344/365 - The Little Red Car



I think that I'm regressing a little in my tastes in music. I generally stick to movies that are age appropriate to me and higher, but today I took a few hours out of my life to watch the old Disney movie "Cat's Don't Dance". I won't lie to you I really like that movie, but the music in that movie is awesome. Especially the main theme "Our Time Has Come" By James Ingram which I could listen too over and over again for hours and hours, which is convenient because I've run the play counter on the song up to over 10 plays in one sitting. That means I've been sitting, listening to this song for 30 minutes straight. But hey, I enjoy music and I think that Noah would agree that at least it's better than Tom Waits.


He really hates Tom Waits for some reason, but I can't get enough of his music, he's like Bob Dylan if he grew up in LA and wasn't such a prick. Nothing against Bob Dylan though because he's one of my favorite artists.


I'm coming to the conclusion that I like musicians who can't sing. It’s a little scary.


But who really cares what kind of music I like? I'm the only one listening to it and with the exception of my mother I don't force anyone to say they like it. Ok that sounded a little bad, I don't force her to say anything positive about what music I listen too, in fact, if she doesn’t like something, she's generally very vocal about it.


Another song that I've been listening too for way too long is "Some Flowers Bloom Dead" by the Wallflowers. I've never made the connection between Bob Dylan and Jakob Dylan, he almost never sounds like his father unless he's intentionally trying to do the "I'm stoned out of my mind but I'm still performing because I don't give a fuck what you think" voice and from what I've heard he only does that in Sleepwalker. Jakobs voice is much too raw to be compared to his father, while his father's voice was pretty out there; it still seems soft at times. What I think I'm trying to say is that Jacob has much more power behind his voice than his father, who at times seemed to be straining just to get the volume needed to finish the song.


I like them both equally, depending on my mood. I think right now, while I'm mildly depressed about meaningless situations and a little pissed off at some people, The Wallflowers fit the bill more than the often mindless but poetic ramblings of his father.


But, that being said today was a long first day back from the four day weekend. I think that the extra day between getting back from the trip and going back to the school was a life saver for a lot of people who'd rather not have their exploits on the trip be revealed to the masses. But it’s almost pointless to try and keep that kind of thing a secret because eventually everything gets out. It may not be today, maybe not tomorrow but it will get out, there will be repercussions but people will get over them. The longer something stays secret; the magnitude of the response when the information is finally revealed is either lessened greatly or magnified several times.


I this case, after a few weeks I don't think anybody will really care. Or maybe not, maybe everyone will completely freak out and I'll be able to watch the battle from my comfortable press box out of harms way because I had nothing to do with it all.


It's a great feeling, not caring at all. Especially on trivial matters like making friends in high school. At the maximum you have to spend 36 months with these people and then chances are you'll never see them again in your life. So why bother? My take on it all is that if somebody tries to make fun of you for something that's not true, then it’s completely inconsequential, and if somebody says something about you that's actually true, then you know that it's true and you can't do anything about it.


This theory of course looks great on paper but when put into practice you have to take into account so many variables that it never works out and its best to just accept the fact that you're screwed in high school and that things will (hopefully) get better in college and beyond. But I'm not in college so I have no idea.


I'm just hoping that maybe I'll be able to escape sad place that I'm in right now and maybe have a few friends that wouldn't knife you in the back at the first opportunity. (Yes that was metaphorical... Or maybe it wasn't.) I cannot of course explain the circumstances behind that comment as it would present a bit of an issue to those involved. But who cares at this point.


I'm still not telling you though.


On a less depressing note, Cullipher left today. Friday was her last day so we had Florence as our substitute; I'll keep my opinions of her to myself though for fear of repercussions. I'm not exactly afraid of Ethan though, maybe a little wierded out, but that's another story entirely. We just did, as she put it, mindless busy work with a point, in class today nothing more. She's only going to be here until the first of the month but it should be a pretty easy going time until then. But then the new teacher comes in and I don't even want to think about how that's going to be. I hope she's not some Nazi that tries to do what only one teacher in the school has been able to do, scare the bad kids into listening. Gergle's the only person I know of who's done that and for that reason, people respect him in his class room and they are generally very quiet.


That's how it was today in his class, besides the general discussion about the trip at the very beginning of the class we went right into our notes and worked bell to bell. It makes the class go by a lot faster so I wish all of the teachers would start doing that.


Anyway, during break I set up my computer and went through all of my pictures since I didn't have a chance this morning. I though that I had to do the pictures for the basketball teams today so I was rushing around trying to get all of my gear together when about halfway through it all I came to the conclusion that he was talking about NEXT Tuesday. Yes I'm an idiot, go ahead and say it. But, back on the topic of checking my pictures, I'm really proud of the pictures that I have up right now. Or at least the last two or three. I know that you can't see one because its relatively explicit in nature and it would probably get a lot of people in trouble if everyone saw it so I decided to make it available only to my friends and family that have flickr accounts. Which would mean only me and Noah. That picture of Hayden is probably one of the best portraits that I've ever done. Even though her eye is a little lazy.


Third and fourth periods were almost monotonous. I did find out though that I have an A in science and a 95 average for Math these 6 weeks. That's good news but I dread what I'm going to see on Friday when I get report cards. I just hope that my English grade isn't low; I don't think that it will be but you never know. I just have to keep hoping that the 60 that I got on my notebook won't come back to bite me in the ass.


I actually did work this afternoon, much to Sarah's disliking. She tried her best to get me to pay attention to her but I kept going and got everything that I could submit, submitted to the people running the Allied high school thing online (Yes I know I haven't mentioned this before but I'll bring it up eventually). I stayed on the computer until around 4 when mom picked me up and told me the bad news.


We have to start transporting Holly Gore back and forth school every day of the week. It’s not really a though that I'd like to have running through my head because Holly is a lot like her sister and really, really v very annoying. It's gotten to the point where I can only stand about 30 seconds of Brystol otherwise I start thinking about killing her and we all know that its never good to start plotting the murders of people you once called your friends.


But I do it anyway because it's fun. Not that I'd ever think about killing anyone.


Anyway, once we dropped holly off at her place and went home I didn’t really do anything except take a few pictures, talk to Noah for about an hour and then start writing. I've been trying to catch up on the days that I've missed. I still have 5 or 6 left so wish me luck...


I'm going to need it. Especially if I keep up with my 1000 words a day thing.


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Taken on January 22, 2008