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#24. Flashman and the Tiger ( Part 2 ) - Flashman and the Tiger | by workshysteve
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#24. Flashman and the Tiger ( Part 2 ) - Flashman and the Tiger

Flashman aged: 72

Years: 1894



Flashman’s past has caught up with him again. This time, his granddaughter Selina is being blackmailed into ‘acts’ by none other than Tiger Jack Moran (See #20) who turns out to be the cabin boy from the slave ship that Flashman was on in 1848 (see #7) and who Flashman left behind in the clutches of King Gezo. Flashman decides to murder Moran to stop his revenge. Dressing incognito as a tramp, Flashy goes on the hunt. However as always fate intervenes and Flashy luckily witnesses Moran being arrested for another crime saving him the effort. However not wanting to be unnecessarily questioned by the police, Flash decides to play up the tramp role and pretends to be a sleeping drunk collapsed in an alleyway. A couple of investigators wander by, and Flashman overhears them discussing his appearance. The burly one seems amazed by the likeness of the tramp to the famous army veteran (i.e Flashman) but the thinner more pompous one is convinced that Flash is a german sailor who’s spent a lot of time in America. He deduces this by misreading Flashmans, duelling scars, peacoat and bourbon whiskey smell. The two detectives? Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson.


George MacDonald Fraser had a brilliant knack of blending fiction and facts into the Flashman novels. In this story Flashman finds himself in a scene from "The Adventure of the Empty House" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and has to endure the humiliation of Sherlock Holmes analysing him while he is pretending to be a drunken tramp

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Uploaded on September 19, 2015