North Korea Satellite Images 2013
March 7, 2013 - Analysis of new satellite images shows the North Korean government is blurring the lines between its political prison camps and the surrounding population. Analysts found that from 2006 to February 2013, North Korea constructed 20km of perimeter around the Ch’oma-Bong valley - located 70km north-northeast of Pyongyang - and its inhabitants, new controlled access points and a number of probable guard towers. Analysts also found construction of new buildings that appear to house workers, likely associated with an expansion of mining activity in the region.

The activity points to a tightening in the control of movement of the local population adjacent to Camp No. 14, thus muddying the line between those detained in the political prison camp and the valley’s inhabitants. This raises fears for the population within the perimeter the current conditions faced by them and the North Korean government’s future intentions for the valley and those that live there.

Press Release: North Korea: New images show blurring of prison camps and villages

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