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Crochet Umbrella - Granny Square Parasol And Embellished Rainbow Crochet Top

Now on facebook too!!! XD


Since many of You asked me for making modeled photos... I hope You'll enjoy!

Here I am in my new rainbow crochet top embellished with granny circles and my new crochet parasol made of colorful granny squares with black borders! @;)

The summer top/dress is 100% cotton (yes, the same italian as always).

It was a lot of time that I wanted to create an elastic crochet bust and yesterday night I finally found the way to use the shirring technique on crochet fabric without sewing machine (what I don't have)! I made it sooo tight so I have a push-up effect without wearing special underwear! XD

For this design I was inspired by a fantastic shoe designer: FAIRYSTEPS! She makes fairy shoes and accessories and I feel the happiest fairy princess in the whole world wearing my new Queenies created by this amazing Artist! @;)

Did You see that the sleeves and the back of my top are pointed as my shoes...?! XD

About the crochet umbrella:

Last year I wanted to crochet a "granny-circles-to-hexagons" afghan but I never have enough time to finish it. So what to do with a lot of pre-made colorful circles...? I think I've found the perfect way to use them! @;) It was a bit difficult to create an octagon (the umbrella shape) from squares (what I crocheted from the original hexagon pattern), but at least it's worth every single gray hair I grown in the process!!!

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Taken on June 3, 2011