Red Squirrel

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    I put up both photos because I couldn't decide which position was cuter.

    1. Shari DeAngelo ages ago | reply

      Tough call but I think I like this one better. The chewing action is adorable. We only have grey ones here. Reds are so much cuter, I think...

    2. lucycat ages ago | reply

      They're both adorable, Laura! I have to agree with Shari about the red squirrels being cuter, but I guess I won't be too jealous, since we do have Flying Squirrels and Fox Squirrels. :-) Do you have these giants?

      Eastern Fox Squirrel

    3. Laura Erickson ages ago | reply

      We don't get Fox Squirrels up here, but I grew up with both them and Gray Squirrels. We get Northern Flying Squirrels, Red Squirrels, and Gray Squirrels here.

      Red Squirrels may be adorable, but they're also probably the most destructive members of the squirrel family. I have always believed that they would have become extinct centuries ago except for their cuteness. With most married couples up here, one partner wants to kill every blasted one, and the other says, "No--please! He's so adorable!"

    4. lucycat ages ago | reply

      Is their destructiveness a matter of chewing up people's houses, destroying bird nests?

    5. Laura Erickson ages ago | reply

      Both--they eat eggs and baby birds, but what drives people bonkers is how they chew into houses, rip through insulation, and bite through wiring.

    6. Sparkyfaisca ages ago | reply

      very sweet

    7. grace newton ages ago | reply

      Somehow, the word "Perky" just jumps to mind - he's a darling, Laura.

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