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Foreshadowing Fog

Let's hope so, anyway. I am looking forward to some impressive scenes of nature mingling with all that celebrated artifice. Oh, and this year, I will be aiming to take some good ones. Haha.


© All rights reserved. A low-res, flatbed scan of a 6x7 (2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inch) transparency


Excerpt from a conversation:


Inquisitive art person "Do you ever get tired of photographing the same fog in the same places?"


Loquacious photographer: "Is it the same?"


Inquisitive art person: "Well, what I mean is...won't you be endlessly searching for that one great shot, year after year"


Loquacious Photographer: "How many years is year after year?"


Inquisitive art person: "Seriously, wouldn't one want, sooner or later, to move on to new things, like...say, portraiture or something?"


Loquacious Photographer: "Hmm....photographing people in-front of the fog...I like it"


Inquisitive art person: "You're just being silly with me, now."


Loquacious Photographer: "Well, first of all, I am fairly silly and, secondly, I've just never thought of fog at the Golden Gate as something I would get tired of pursuing---hasn't happened yet."


Inquisitive art person: "Don't you think that this could be the year you take a pictu---excuse me---photograph that, once and for all, satisfies your desire in every way? I mean, couldn't that happen?"


Loquacious photographer: "Ask me in a year."

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Taken on July 21, 2012