Lake County Bryophyte workshop 2012
This year's US west coast bryophyte workshop (SoBeFree 17) took place in Lake County, California. We stayed at Mariah Meadows and the nearby Edie's Resort, near the small town of Loch Lomond in the North Coast Ranges south of Clear Lake. Heavy rain that marked our arrival let up the next day and we were abel to botanize for two and a half days despite high water in creeks and overly moist mosses the first day. Many thanks to Ed and Mary Ann Dearing for much work fixing up this workshop and to David Toren and Ed Dearing for providing field leadership and identifications. Thanks also to Brent Mishler for driving some of us there and back in a van from Berkeley, and Dan Norris, Ken Kellman and several others for help with identifications. Here are some of the photographs I took, feel free to comment on identifications or on other aspects.
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