steal this connection

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    the sign i have outside the house. use as you please with attribution (cc-by). if you are stenciling it or using it in some medium where attribution is difficult, it's okay to omit it --- then just tell folks where you found it if asked.

    steal this wifi connection.

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    1. dotsandspaces 107 months ago | reply

      one day there just won't be a need to steal, because free wi-fi will be everywhere. (and our brains will probably have been fried).

      In london there are white stickers on people's gates and I've heard of people parking outside to spend a few hours surfing.

    2. cagaze 107 months ago | reply

      One thing to consider: the FBI will be knocking on your door if pedophiles, terrorists, etc. use your connection to upload/download their stuffs.

    3. Cristóbal Donoso Macaya 107 months ago | reply

      so classy of americans, always scared of the FBI, CIA, RIAA, terrorists...
      there's more to life than being scared of bombs and institutions

      keep up the good work danalee

    4. cagaze 107 months ago | reply

      I just want to put out a few words to whomever cares to protect him/herself. You can keep your sarcasm to yourself.

      I take it that your government condones pedophiles. Cheers!!!

    5. jnthnlane 107 months ago | reply

      I've often wondered if an unsecured wifi connection would make for a good legal defence. I mean, if I left my door unlocked, somebody came in and stole a knife from my kitchen and then went to kill somebody with it, I couldn't be charged as an accessory to murder?

    6. alchemism 107 months ago | reply

      hehe...I wish the FBI would come to my door. I'd offer them a nice glass water, then secretly spike it with 1700mics.

      Oh the hijinx that would ensue!

    7. edythemighty 107 months ago | reply

      @tori - Yeah, maybe being lorded over by the FBI or CIA or NSA or whatever organization is bad.....but the point cagaze makes is valid, would you let just anyone use your connection, even when they are doing things that might go against your own moral code?

    8. ryanol 107 months ago | reply

      its in the air the wifi...

      the what ifs....are pretty laughable.

      if you don't want to share what you pay for thats your prerogative, but baseing it on some security/risk is pure fallacy.

    9. isforinsects 107 months ago | reply

      You don't have to steal this sign, it's already Creative Commons!

    10. shawncoons 107 months ago | reply

      You better not make your wifi free cause somone could use it to do something bad. While were at it we better stop making speech free, cause someone could misuse that too.

    11. quailman67 107 months ago | reply

      I would open my wifi connection, but I'd be worried about someone using it for something good. You know, cancer research or something. Terrible. I'd hate to be a part of that

    12. sendusout 107 months ago | reply

      everyone is missing the main point. where is your house?

    13. blueDonkey 107 months ago | reply

      Couple of comments here:

      a) For those who'd like to share, but are worried about what those borrowing the connection might do, check out FON. The traffic still goes over your network, but FON have a record of who logged in at what time, and what they surfed to, so you can prove it was somebody else.

      b) For those who would like to share their connection just with people they know/trust, check out Devicescape and its Wi-Fi buddies scheme. It allows you to protect your network with WEP or WPA-PSK and then share access with your friends.

    14. michaelpickard 107 months ago | reply

      nice move.
      it's like warchalking for n00bs

      oh, and FON just teamed up with BT in the UK - so that might be a direction worth following...

    15. Jayz3 107 months ago | reply

      FON teamed up with Scarlet in Belgium, I'm connected to it :) so feel free to drop by.

    16. Robb1e 107 months ago | reply

      BT have teamed up with FON in the UK too,

      Free wiki for all FON network users, yay!

    17. dana~2 107 months ago | reply

      Please, steal away and do what you wish with it! When I find where I put the original vector image, I'll link it to make for better signs.

      The sign was originally made for a student cooperative, however I now live in an apartment and must run the public wifi off of a separate router --- that way I can have a little home network privacy and still have some bandwidth! It used to be all one but things got a little out of hand.

      The FON router does something similar and is another great way to share.

    18. tian2992 106 months ago | reply

      maybe you should change from steal to take, and from all rights reserved to creative commons...

      Still nice sign

    19. dana~2 106 months ago | reply

      as promised, the vector image. do with as you please.

    20. Tyler Strause 104 months ago | reply

      While I think it's great that your spreading the wealth by making your wifi available to anyone in the area I don't think it's such a good idea to be advertising the fact in the way that you are. Jnthnlane made the analogy to a burglar stealing your knife and using it in an assault and your being charged as an accessory, while this analogy is part right it neglects to include your leaving your door open with a sign that says free knives no questions asked. If I were you, and I know this is possible, I'd set up two protocols one private and open the other public and restricted that way people can check their email surf the internet but not visit the Jihadis Annonymous website that's sure to get the FBI's attention real fast.

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