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The biggest ship ever built by the Sobani: the 'Tesseract' is a giant space shipyard capable of building or repairing even battleships sized vessels. It features a giant deployable 'drydock' that adapts to the type of ship that needs repairs / or that is planned for building on site.




This is by far the biggest thing i ever built (105cm) , and also the most complex. It's not super clear in the pictures but this build integrates 3m of Electroluminescent Wire which lights up most of the ship's sides (mostly the factory and the hangar). The battery box is held within a compartment and can be accessed and removed easily. I'll write a little more about it later but EL Wire is a great thing to work with : it fits perfectly in a lego clip or minifig hand and doesnt heat up at all.


This project was built just like the most recent 2 for an exhibition at the biggest Toys R Us in Europe, in Paris (La défense) on the 3rd and 4th of november. Other builders are attending with fantastic creations : iomedes xtofcorthay and legodrome


Pics are somewhat mediocre at full resolution ... curse the wobbly tripod!


Picture has been replaced to remove the shadow the ship was casting on .... nothing!

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Taken on October 28, 2012