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The main light manned vessel of the Ultaran fleets. It is a deadly vessel equiped with 6 high velocity blasters as a main weapon , capable of tearing through most of the existing subcapital ships. It also carries a single massive seismic charge that can damage capital ships or swipe asteroid fields clean . But the bombs are a last resort measure as the AoE is unpredictable and can end up damaging your allies more than the target.




I'm happy that this one is finally done! It has been abut 2 months since i started. It's rare for me to work with figs but i enjoyed it a lot! I also decided to add a little more depth to my usual presentation with a more dynamic center image!

The genral shape was inspired by the Eve Online Tristan frigate and the more recent Oracle battlecruiser.

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Taken on July 14, 2012