• 'Fever' quad torpedo battery
  • 'Javelin' ultra-long range pulsar
  • Modified 'Civine' docking bay
  • Love this interior detailing! - Bart De Dobbelaer
  • This bridge looks interesting. - kenobi19
  • Very interesting - dasnewten
  • What are those grey pieces you have used on the frying pans? Don't recognize them... - .Tromas
  • Always a good choice - dasnewten
  • Yeah, that is just breathtaking...there are so many brilliant little details that are just peaking out. Masterful work! - .Tromas
  • Love the orange - dasnewten
  • The engine module configuration looks great - dasnewten
  • This is the only thing I am not real sure about... - dasnewten
  • www.peeron.com/inv/parts/766c01 an old electric plug
  • Me gusta - Ironsniper
  • Agreed, <3 - Ironsniper
  • One small criticism, I think this would look better lowered so it's at the same level as the rear, your drawings are beautiful by the way. - Phall Macaroni
  • Stunning! - Phall Macaroni
  • Thx. I understand what you mean. But this spike at the front had to be proeminent as to convey the very aggressive nature of the ship ;)
  • You know its strange because the lighting in the pic makes it pop out a lot more than it does IRL. Its barely noticable in real life! This detail was there from the very beginning as you can see in the construction timelapse i posted today, i guess i just never questionned it ;)
  • Hehe i have very personnals reasons for liking this piece as, you see... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fieschi_family :D
  • Great use of the round tiles - Nannan Z.
  • Tiny details like using these tan pieces makes me happy :) - Phall Macaroni
  • mega me gusta - TheMonster1464
  • me too - the oneman
  • It was a super minor quibble, just thrown in the to jar your mind to a different place. Please feel free to do the same for me! - dasnewten
  • Always interesting to hear those things because in this case i completely agree with you. This detail, while fitting with the greebly sketch i drew at week 2 Is a bit out of place on the fnal version. I think it interesting to realize stuff like that! ;)
  • That's awesome - nice touch! - JonHall18

'GAHNN' Sniping Dreadnought

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The Ultaran, being the decendants of Makaan, are firm believers that superiority over 'inferior races' is achieved through the construction of giant, powerfull war machines. The Ultaran Dreadnoughts are feared in every corner of the galaxy because their sniping power is immense. They deliver fantastic damage over great distances. However these ships lack the electronics to deliver that pain so far on their own. They require a couple scouts (housed within the ships docking bay) to 'target-paint' coordinates. Therefore, ironically, the immense power of these ships rely on the very fragile nature of the scouts.


It's finally finished! This one is a bit bigger and more complex than what im used to, and required a couple BL orders of light grey bricks. Its inner structure is quite sturdy and the armor pannels are angled using many different techniques.

I will detail and compare the evolution of the ship through sketches and pictures at a later time. Inspired at first by Vaygr Battleships, i realize that it has more of a Sajuuk shape.

View original size for details.

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  1. YourCure 36 months ago | reply

    Fantistic job! As always!

  2. Shamisenfred 36 months ago | reply

    Excellent! T´es sur que tu veux pas venir bosser avec moi? ^^
    Je ne reconnais pas la piece carree des tourelles?
    Ca vallait le coup d´attendre en tout cas!

  3. Phall Macaroni 36 months ago | reply

    Another absolute stunner, brilliant details especially in the interior - i love your builds.

  4. Pierre E Fieschi 36 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys!

    Mais j'adorerais venir bosser avec toi!!! :D
    Malheuresement la c'est pas au programme ;(

    La piece des tourelles c'est de la vieille connectique 4,5v : www.peeron.com/inv/parts/766c01

  5. Malicious Cheesecake 36 months ago | reply



  6. |M-A-K-B-R-I-C-K-S| [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

    OH. MY. GO-Mindsplosion.

  7. LegoLord. 36 months ago | reply

    Great shaping.

  8. The Brothers Merz 36 months ago | reply

    Wow, build is top notch and presentation outstanding! Fantastic work sir!

  9. Lazer Blade 36 months ago | reply

    Very inspiring! :)

  10. TheMonster1464 36 months ago | reply

    this is the definition of majestic

  11. I Scream Clone 36 months ago | reply

    Sweet design and intepretation from the plans. Great to see it evolve too.

  12. Pierre E Fieschi 36 months ago | reply

    Many thanks guys! :)

    I'm currently buiding this guy a little sidekick and will be taking some fleet action shots soon ;)

  13. dasnewten 36 months ago | reply

    I like the sound of that!

  14. Pierre E Fieschi 36 months ago | reply

    Unfortunately im stuck waiting for a BL order to arrive :l

    Oh btw i answered to a few of your notes ;)

  15. olivier.jeannin 35 months ago | reply

    Superb capture!

  16. minivan1411 35 months ago | reply

    Excellent use of Turntable Tops!

  17. oraco81 34 months ago | reply

    mmm my previous post didn't work... anywho

    Your work is stunning! You have a true talent, use it and you will be successful in life. Toys come and go, but Legos are forever. I wish I built more over the years but life is distracting, keep up the amazing work!

    By the way, you have great concepts, you should draw/paint more.

  18. Abathar 28 months ago | reply

    Are these your own sketch ideas or these from home world? Either way I love them.!!! I need to work on my sketches for my ships a lot more. Great job!

  19. A2DMFK 27 months ago | reply


  20. ren954 4 months ago | reply

    This ship is amazing. I want one

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