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'GAHNN' Sniping Dreadnought

The Ultaran, being the decendants of Makaan, are firm believers that superiority over 'inferior races' is achieved through the construction of giant, powerfull war machines. The Ultaran Dreadnoughts are feared in every corner of the galaxy because their sniping power is immense. They deliver fantastic damage over great distances. However these ships lack the electronics to deliver that pain so far on their own. They require a couple scouts (housed within the ships docking bay) to 'target-paint' coordinates. Therefore, ironically, the immense power of these ships rely on the very fragile nature of the scouts.




It's finally finished! This one is a bit bigger and more complex than what im used to, and required a couple BL orders of light grey bricks. Its inner structure is quite sturdy and the armor pannels are angled using many different techniques.


I will detail and compare the evolution of the ship through sketches and pictures at a later time. Inspired at first by Vaygr Battleships, i realize that it has more of a Sajuuk shape.


View original size for details.

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Taken on May 11, 2012