• <3 - Red Spacecat
  • <3 - Titolian
  • oooohhh! thought these were inverse slopes or something at first, nice texture! - Moctagon Jones
  • modulex ftw! :]
  • Agreed! - ƒernald
  • Oh my, I had no idea that modulex could work like that! The bit of color works perfectly there. - Mechanekton
  • I had no idea either ... it was a fantastic surprise! IT also shows that People designing the lego bricks are really awesome ;)

    And now that i realized that, i had to buy more modulex! What better to build micros than tiny tiny lego? ^^
  • hart - The Slushey One
  • yummeh - The Slushey One
  • I have a bunch of these and can't use them all!!! A nice touch with a forgetable piece! - Felipe Descomplicado
  • Winning! - lower_torso
  • I was looking at the large size and I saw this. What's going on here? - ƒernald
  • That's a lego modulex brick
  • Yes! Using this part inside out is very inspired, it really works here. - JonHall18
  • All credit goes to [Soren] for this very awesome connection
  • love these tiny little turrets - TheMonster1464

Breacher Light Assault Cruiser

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One of the most recent warships available on market, built by Phoenix Assembly Yards.
Its built for combat and speed and excells at it.
It features 10 Med Pulsar cannons and a pair of Dual Ultra Heavy Railgun turrets. A small dock bay for a pair of scouts and a few shuttles. The sensor array is good but electronics in general are the ship's weakness.
However, a pair of oversized Rolls Royce 'Thunder' Nitrogen-Plasma engines gives this ship incredible sublight speeds.

I'm particularly happy about this build as it makes use of modulex bricks for which i found unusual and very unexpected connections (between the fireman breathing mask and the goggles for example)

Viewing original size is recommended if you wanna see details

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  1. Sydag 65 months ago | reply

    Your ways of using unusual pieces always amazes me ! I think I'm a bit jealous ^^ but in a good way I think...
    Great work anyway !

  2. steelbreeze9 65 months ago | reply

    And I missed this how? It's gorgeous.

  3. Shamisenfred 65 months ago | reply

    Plein de détails terriblissimes! J'adore l'angle sur les plaques lime et les touches de couleurs par ci par là. Les canons latéraux sont excellents aussi!
    Cool de revoir tes MOCs!

  4. hyad-design 65 months ago | reply

    very nice !!!

  5. Amhakia 65 months ago | reply

    Brilliant PU, as usual. Wonderful design, and great color work! Always love seeing these kinds of MOCs from you, Pierre!

  6. vìnn 65 months ago | reply

    I like the repeating shapes along the top.

  7. Pierre E Fieschi 65 months ago | reply

    ^Thanks ... they are small turrets ;)

  8. ~Chrispy~ 65 months ago | reply

    nearly missed this swell ship, love the subtle additional coloring and modulex bits here and there

  9. dazza. 65 months ago | reply

    As usual wonderful colour scheme! It is amazing how each of your ships maintains it originality. Excellent work!

  10. Haypro 65 months ago | reply

    One of your best ones so far I think

  11. dasnewten 64 months ago | reply

    The use of lime is so delicious. The technic panels work so well in this design

  12. Pierre E Fieschi 64 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone!

    @PlasticHappiness: it's also one of my own faves because it is far more sturdy than some of my usual stuff, due to it mostly being technic parts and actually having a very simple design.

    @ Dasnewten , The pannels are what triggered the whole build ... along with the modulex. I was actually hoping to use the curved part of the pannels as a hull and then i assembled it wrong, which looked much better. I then had to redesign the rest according to the inverted pannel ;)

  13. _zenn 64 months ago | reply

    Love it! Especially the side turret and colorscheme. Topnotch work! :D

  14. tauro2370 63 months ago | reply

    sample......... A W A S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. leonard kadid 62 months ago | reply


    (go watch movie "MOON" ost by clint mansell cool)

  16. 林泓聿 [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    Really bored

  17. dasnewten 59 months ago | reply

    Haha, I was wondering the same thing Pierre

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