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Mountain Shed (HDR) - Source Photos Available!!!

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Watch the Before-and-After Comparison to see where this photo comes from!


NEW: Download the source files and try your own processing style! Take a look here to see all versions.


The story of this photo:

This is the first image from my recent trip to the German Alps. Moreover, it is the first image I upload that was taken with my new Nikkor lens. I replaced my Sigma 10-20 lens with the Nikon 10-24 lens due to a lack of sharpness. This investment paid off. Go here to follow the discussion on this switch.


The news continue: For the first time, I am providing the original source files for everybody to download and work with. If you'd like to check how your processing style looks with this image, go ahead, download the source photo package (link given above), and have fun with them. I have started a thread in the HDR group where you can post your results.


I am looking forward to seeing them!




Take a look at my "HDR Cookbook"! It contains some more information on my techniques.


How it was shot:

> Handheld [details]

> Four exposures (-4, -2, 0, +2 EV) semi-autobracketed and merged to get and HDR

> Camera: Nikon D7000

> Lens: Nikkor AF-S DX 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED

> Details can be found here


How it was tonemapped:

> Preparation: developed the raw files with ACR mainly in order to reduce the CA [details]

> Created additional exposures in ACR

> Applied noise reduction (Topaz Denoise) to each of the source images [details]

> Resulting TIFF images were then used as input to Photomatix

> Tone-mapping: Photomatix Pro 4.0 (Detail Enhancer)


How it was post-processed:

> Post-processing was done in Photoshop

> Topaz Adjust on the entire image to get back the colors and the details [details]

> Topaz Infocus on the entire image for sharpening

> Saturation layer on the shed (tone down the green cast on the side)

> Curves layer on the shed (more contrast)

> Saturation layer on the sky (master, lightness, hue)

> Levels layer on the sky (more contrast)

> Saturation layer on the clouds (desaturation)

> Levels layer on the clouds (contrast)

> Levels layer on the mountains in the back (more contrast)

> Photo filter layer on the mountains in the back (removing blue cast)

> Global saturation layer (master)

> Global levels layer (contrast - masked to preserve highlights)

> Watermarking



Learn these techniques at - View. Learn. Connect.


- Thanks for viewing!

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Taken on August 20, 2011