Stafford FYSO 8.8.13
Jon Agosta
Allison Beich
Connor Butler, Class of 2014, Student Duke Club Pres
Taylor Byrd family
Nicole Caliri, Class of 2016, RA
Todd Coates, Class of 2002
Brandon Cobb
Courtney Coffey family
Forrest Deal family
Perrin Duvall, Class of 2014
Despina Giannopoulos family
Elizabeth Hankins family
Laurie Herbek Class of 2016
Chelsea Janke family
Jordon Kite, Parent Relations Assistant
Tracey Kite, Parent Relations
Austin Leifheit family
Alexander Leifheit
Karly Margerum family
John & Debbi Merendino, Parents Council
Katherine Merendino, Class of 2016
Heather Miller family
Cosette Moore family
Madelene Mueller family
Bridget Phillips family
Sarah Phillips family
Diana Pointon, Parents Council
Grant Pointon, Class of 2016
Victoria Price, Class of 2015 Parent Relations Assistant
Seth Rapkins family
Emily Rosa, Class of 2016
Arianna Sessoms, Class of 2015
Steve Smith, AVP, Constituent Relations
Kristen Steele family
Julia Stoneham family
Emily Swope family
Leandra Tranquill family
Meredith Whitt, Class of 2016
Kendra Wiley
Katilynn Wyatt, FROG
Breanna Young family
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