1962 Chevrolet Nova on Willard Street, NW, Washington, DC

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    1. Darrell L James 66 months ago | reply

      This model has never looked very "Chevrolet" to me. It's lines seem Ford-like.

      EDIT: I must correct myself. The lines look more Dodge than Ford.

    2. Maryland Route 5 66 months ago | reply

      i would have to agree with you, darrell. however, i've always loved this model car. my family rarely bought new cars, and as a child, i would have loved for my dad to trade in our 1956 mercury montclair that we owned and purchase something practical like this.

    3. bluebird218 66 months ago | reply

      That's a cool car. Not bad shape either. Just when muscle was beginning . . .

    4. Maryland Route 5 64 months ago | reply

      if this car is yours. then please at least let me drive it around the block!

    5. Maryland Route 5 64 months ago | reply

      dirt road, thanks for your nice compliment about the car. i loved this model year chevy.

    6. Maryland Route 5 64 months ago | reply

      thanks, brenda. i'd love to get my hands on one of these babies.

    7. mrford3 [deleted] 27 months ago | reply

      what a beauty!!!

    8. fl33flick3r 5 weeks ago | reply

      Doug please put this in Photoshop... Oh it could be a contender!

    9. Maryland Route 5 5 weeks ago | reply

      Really? It just seems like any old snapshot.

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