WTF? Microsoft steals Apple Universal Logo

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    Now, granted it's just a yin yang symbol, but M$ is using the exact same colors but flipped the image horizontally.

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    1. Irmo 114 months ago | reply

      wow, ♥ shhexycorin ♥ hasn't commented yet!

    2. unrealious7 114 months ago | reply

      It kind of makes sense: they haven't been able to invent anything on their own to this date, why should their art department be any different?

    3. Ciglo 114 months ago | reply

      hey i like apple but they did steal apple from who? the beatles lol please.

    4. Levi Buzolic 114 months ago | reply

      You are all stooooopid in the face.

    5. iiana 114 months ago | reply

      oh.. dirty dirty microsoft!

      long live mac!

    6. N. SHA 114 months ago | reply

      Imitation is the best form of flattery.

    7. purplebrownie1010 114 months ago | reply

      Everybody shut the fuck up. Microsoft did kinda steal the ying yang thing but WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!!! It's just a friggin image which is thousands of years old! Get a life!

    8. whitey9 114 months ago | reply

      Apple isn't a community run co-op, you fucking stupid hippies, it's a fortune 500 company concerned about profit as much as Microsoft. Also, it's a ying-yang. Middle school girls draw them on their notebooks, have for years.

      Why don't we have a "Apple steals cliche symbol from middle school girls" article?

    9. Speak.with.Nik [at] 114 months ago | reply

      ying and yang describes polar opposites... good and evil.. equal opposing forces

      yet, they use it for windows and office?

    10. profiloutente [deleted] 114 months ago | reply


    11. stefanosanf  114 months ago | reply

      they'll never learn...

    12. Sarah_King 114 months ago | reply

      ying yang thing has been around for a loooong time...

    13. Diego Gravinese 113 months ago | reply

      the only serious comment here is j@shud 's.

    14. Luay1985 112 months ago | reply

      As always ...

    15. maki000001 96 months ago | reply

      Universal is suppose to be universal, get it. Maybe, just maybe, this could be seen from the perspective of collaboration like the ISA, PCI, ATX, USB, you see were we are going with this? I think must of us would appreciate the capabilities issues that could be resolved here if they got together, like the rest.

      I love free market, I hate buying proprietary items at ten times the cost.

    16. orbz 96 months ago | reply

      "Who even knows wtf Apple Universal is anyways"?

      People who've been following technology at some point during the 21st century, that's who. Did your grandmother show you this website or what?

    17. jory.carlin 94 months ago | reply

      ya it looks like yin yang, however it's not owned by anyone, and someone actually took the time to design it

    18. 79 months ago | reply

      lol wtf microsoft rocks! eff the apple people! apple stole yin yang from the chinese! hey, apple is the copy cat here!

    19. TorrentAmrit 70 months ago | reply

      well.... the fact is.. all over the world.. MS rules and they're the kings till date.... Apple tryin to come up to their levels but they are still trying and gonna keep trying till forever....
      MS discovered windows and you all who're yelling with this logo theft or something .. you all learned playing your mouse around your computer screen with windows when you started playing computer computer.... and once you saw apple started slipping towards it...

      Get a life critics and feel better with your Nasty Apple.... don't touch no MS product and see how comfortable life is with apple and without MS.
      Apple Sucks... MS Windows Rocks....


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