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1980 RCA XL100 25 inch Color Console Television Reborn | by pmadsidney
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1980 RCA XL100 25 inch Color Console Television Reborn

Something else I have owned since brand new this original RCA XL 100 25 inch color console TV. It stopped working, well it had problems with the tuner so the picture is always blurred or nothing but static.I had a new picture tube put in way back in 1999 so I could watch the Daytona 500, more miles on the TV than my car watching races. It probably was cheaper to buy a new TV at the time, but I mean it has so much style.


The TV has sat unplugged for about 3 years at my daughters house, she said dad we need to get rid of the TV and make some room, well I moaned and complained and finally said just get rid of it and hope it can go to a good home or donate it to a playhouse or something. Well Christmas day it shows up with the old insides gutted and made into a display cabinet, kind of sad, but there it was. So my amazing wife could tell I was not too happy it was now a display case and the next thing I know she puts our 24 inch flat screen inside. I thought it was kinda cool and before you know it I am making sure it is all braced up along with setting up the cable and hiding all the wires that were all over the floor and there it sits. So far everyone really likes it a lot and I have to admit it looks pretty cool. The cabinet is all wood except the plastic around the screen and in very good shape. It is a nice piece of furniture. The only problem after it was all setup is the flat screen has a dvd player built in, so some modifications it has a way of loading the dvds now which is perfectly hidden from site. The picture does not do it justice.

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Taken on December 31, 2010