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Hole in the Ground | by geospace
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Hole in the Ground

and now for something completely different- best played to Bernard Cribbins hit song of the same name


Last Wednesday we had a power cut , it didn't last very long but it affected half of the village.


On Thursday a team of men arrived with a digger and they sat in their van with the engine running. Two hours later more men arrived with traffic lights and started painting pretty colours on the road.

"All be sorted today ! " the man in the fluorescent orange suit said as they started digging. First it was 3 feet long, then 6 but how big was big enough.

There was much looking into the hole, chatting and shaking of heads so they had a break.

After the break they continued the looking, chatting and shaking of heads and then they decided they'd make the hole longer, and then longer still till it was 20 feet long. One man digging with his little digger, four men chatting one man shaking his head and moving his hands wider apart.

Time for a break and some more chatting and then knocking off time at 4.30pm.

6.00pm and a new shift arrived until the hole was 30 feet long . More head shaking, chatting and looking into the hole. They'd done their share so they went home at 8.30pm.

10:30 am Friday the original team resurfaced and 2 men jumped into the hole, one at a time, and started laying cable while 2 men looked and chatted and one shook his head.

They had a break but didn't seem to have got very far by lunchtime so they all shook their heads. 2 men disappeared one kept looking into the hole while the remaining two decided to join the new cable to the old and got on with it.

Friday 4.30pm all the workers go home leaving the hole for everyone else to see (and photograph) and the traffic lights still going.

And nothing has happened since then and it's Monday lunchtime now.


It's become a major tourist attraction over the weekend to rival the Great Hole of Foolow and now everyone stops at the railings, looks into the hole, shakes their head and starts chatting to each other too.


And so I though I'd post this photograph so you can too :)


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Taken on July 17, 2020