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I wish I could think of something clever to use as a title for this but I am drawing a blank. I also would have much preferred some sunlight in the image but today and yesterday have been overcast.


Today's portrait is inspired by this image. I've been on Flickr for a while now and I've already quit doing the 365 self portrait project twice. I don't know Pineapple very well at all but her comments were always positive and supportive back when I was doing my first (or second?) 365. I disappeared from Flickr for not quite a year and when I returned I discovered that Pineapple wasn't very active here anymore either. Life goes on, I know. When I decided to do a month of copycats, she didn't immediately come to mind as someone to pay tribute to until the day before yesterday when I noticed she had posted some photos. So, this is a tribute to her. I love that portrait of her and I don't know how she managed that particular trick - it's not just the sunlight that makes the difference between the two halves of her face. Mine went in a different direction from hers, I think, when none of the photos I took with me looking at the camera appealed to me.


Day four of thirty days of copycats.

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Taken on May 1, 2012