FOCUSING ISSUE Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-5-6G
Yesterday I bought the nikon lens 18-300. at night I tried to take some panoramics shots and realized that most of the shots was rather blur. Hence, I decided to test the lens. (live view test)
To do so, I followed CAREFULLY ALL the steps a pro photographer mention on his blog
This is the result. Please see the photos.
My conclusion:
I think the lens I bought is damaged:
As you can see in the picture almost 70% (on live view) FAIL, my D90 mounted on the nikon lens 18-300 cannot focus, WHILE at the same distance and same camera settings the camera can focus as using the 18-55 and 55-200mm lens.

FOCUS CHART 45cm away from camera
Lens 18-300mm //Lens 18-55
18mm focus// 18mm focus
28mm focus// 24mm focus
50mm FAIL// 35mm focus
105mm FAIL// 35mm focus
20Omm FAIL //45mm focus
300mm FAIL // 55mm focus

FOCUS CHART 80cm away from camera
Lens 18-300mm// Lens 18-55
18mm focus (a bit slow) //18mm focus
28mm focus// 24mm focus
50mm focus too slow// 35mm focus
105mm FAIL // 45mm focus
200mm FAIL(extra bit sound) // 55mm focus
300mm FAIL extra bit sound.

FOCUS CHART 1.2meters away from camera
Lens 18-300mm// lens 55-200
18mm focus not sharp// 55mm focus
28mm focus// 70mm focus (very fast)
50mm focus// 85mm focus
105mm focus took too long// 105mm FAIL
to focus 4 times I pressed // 135mm focus
the shutter to focus// 200mm (lens 550200)FAIL
200mm FAIL (7 times I pressed the shuter to focus)
300mm FAIL Extra bit sound
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