Whale Rock Lighthouse
For a long time ships would crash and sink on the notorious Whale Rock just outside the coastline. Until the light house was build next to it. Now ships can sail safely past it.

The Light House has 4 rooms, an attic, lantern on the top and an outdoor privy. The rooms and roof can be opened for acces. The outdoor privy can be opened and has a fully functioning and deeply satisfying hole to drop whatever that's left from the food eaten the day before into the sea below.

Sometimes I wish I could live in such a place...


Sometimes the journey is much more interesting than it's destination. And to me this MOC is just that.

This MOC was a personal victory for me. It's the biggest and for me most complex thing I did. Took about 6 months planning, saving parts and building. And each step in the building proces was a torture to get it right. There where at least 3 times I had to count to a hundred to prevent myself from slamming the whole freaking thing in a crate and just forget all about it. It made me loose sleep thinking about how to solve building issues. It stopped me from going out when the sun was up.

Corners didn't fit and jumped loose from the base. Roofs didn't line up right. The whole thing even crashed down from the table days before it's deadline when lifted to put something under it.

But I'm happy, now. It was finished on time for Legoworld Utrecht (NL) in October 2013 and now (as always) McBricker was kind enough to take the pictures.

So, now it's done! I can start looking for a new MOC to torture myself ;)

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