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Ye olde Chapel (1992)



Once upon a time, a long time ago...


This year in June my oldest surviving MOC has turned 20! Yeah! Celebrating it's anniversary, I thought it would be nice to finally have a decent set of pictures of it. Thankfully McBricker, as always, provided me with those pictures (thanks again).


Like a real old church, the story for this building started a few years before 1992. Part of this “modern” chapel is actually from around 1986. The original church was build when I was 11 to be part of a medieval little village. The big idea for the original church came from one of my favourite children books. It was supposed to be a place where future young knights would have to spend the night meditating before the day they received their knighthood. When I sort of went into my Dark Age, I still liked the look of the little building and though the village had disappeared long before, the church proudly remained high on a shelf in my room.


It remained there for a few undisturbed years until one day disaster struck! The original building crashed down from the shelf when I tried to do some cleaning. The front was destroyed beyond repair in the crash, but the back side, the “choir” bit, because of it's thick walls, survived almost intact. Even thought it was right in what was my Dark Age, I wanted to use that old bit and rather than reconstruct something like the old (childish) church, turn the front in something brand new.


A spark of the old LEGO inspiration flared up right that moment! That spring I first visited Paris and drawing inspiration from the big old churches I saw in Paris, a big monumental entrance was sketched. With some small changes, that's also what was finally build. And after completing the renewed chapel, the spark for LEGO building died out for a few more years until in 1997 it flamed up for good again.


Because most of the old white bricks where yellowed (in fact, they almost turned into tan), they where useless in new MOC's I wanted to build when my Dark Age ended. So, I kept the building.


It has stood so many years in those places I call my home I have grown very attached to it, I doubt I will ever have the heart to take it apart. In a way this little building IS the heart of my personal LEGO-love. When I see it, it reminds me of the time as a child you imagined and tried building it in LEGO.


Thought some things have been added since 1992 (whenever LEGO decided to bring out some new bling elements I felt fitting for the interior, I put them in), the main “look” of the building on the outside has not changed much. For a MOC this old, it's still doing fine; in an old school sort of way ;)


What's your oldest MOC?

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Taken on December 31, 2007