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1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Hearse. | by Misterzumbi
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1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Hearse.

Mike Psiaki’s Ecto recolored to it’s first apperance in the original Ghostbusters movie.


This is my favourite movie car, maybe even favourite car of all times, and when I heard that it’s happening I almost passed out. This version was built even before the official car was all done, and I was tinkering with it for many months, swapping bricks, adding the stuff like the windscreen that wasn’t even avaliable as a prototype when I put it together for the first time, changing the chassis that somewhat dissapears on the white car, and makes the black one look like it’s dragging it’s belly over the floor and tons of other stuff. I didn’t bother changing the doors to how they open on the real car from the first movie, also because I like the look of it when all doors are open.


Of course I painted bricks again, which is meanwhile somewhat a standard for my builds, most noticably a bunch of silver elements, which was mostly dictated by the fact that the grey “chrome” looked dumb against the primered spots, and the corners of the front wings, that don’t come in either grey or black. Bit there might be other things aswell, I just don’t think about it anymore, and don’t let such things like avaliability of a brick in certain color stop me from “having” a certain model on my shelf.


As for the design of the official set, I wasn’t as involved as I’d like, also because I was doing the Batwing while Mike developed this one, so what I did mostly is whine and complain alot about the proportions, tailfins, the front window and whatnot, providing pictures and acting as a technical advisor, especially because I owned the six window sedan version of the Cadillac that Ecto is built out of.


The result is, in my opinion, the most accuarte rendition of a real car in LEGO yet. Yes, this is the best looking LEGO car to date, and the best version of a Ecto 1, out of bricks regardless of scale or who did it. One would be hard pressed to be able to make this set any better, and my small additions don’t make much difference either.


I added three pics of the car without the rust stickers, as I see that 9 out of 10 people simply can’t imagine that one can leave them off, and some pics comparing it with the Mustang, just to show that they are roughly in the same scale. Yes, the Miller-Meteor is huge.

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Uploaded on November 5, 2020