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1973 Winnebago Chieftain "the Walking Dead". | by Misterzumbi
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1973 Winnebago Chieftain "the Walking Dead".


It is not the “Breaking Bad” Camper!


Since I saw the “Walkindg Dead” show for the first time, I wanted to build Dales RV. First it took me a while to find out what kind of camper it was, (27ft Winnebago Cheftain from 1973), then I collected zombies for who knows how long, always the same scene in mind, that thing surrounded by Undead, Dale on the roof...

But I just didn’t get around actually building it, especially because I was missing the “seed”, a proof that it was buildable, in this case the front of the camper, which is trickiest piece of the RV puzzle. So I thought.

I also thought it will be a fast build once the front is done, that thing is a box on wheels, but in reality it has a ton of more or less subtle angles in every direction that make the "feel" of it, and therefore it is not half as LEGO friendly as one might expect. The whole Front is a nightmare of SNOTs and offsets, multiplied by the need of combining 1x1 technic bricks with normal ones, that cause gaps between elements, the door made more problems than it gives looks, and the whole front third of the vehicle holds on 2 studs and annoys me because it’s fragile, and the “W” on both sides stayed there as SNOT and not a sticker just because I was glad as I closed the roof of that thing after the 666th rebuild.

The other thing is the details, the real Winnebago has three windows on each side, some hatches with fine grilles, and the rest lives off the very subtle horizontal lines, I tried to get that by building the whole thing out of plates to at least get some of that feeling, dunno if, and how much I succeeded. Tiles would be perfect, because of the grooves, but how to do that?


I’d love the whole thing to be some 2 plates lower around the belt line, but as for now I have no idea whatsoever how to achieve that. A 1x2 slope like the 1x2 sloped grille would help a lot. Maybe someday…


As meanwhile usual I painted some bricks and cut up loads of stickers. I felt that especially the thin chrome lines help to break this giant surface.


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Taken on November 29, 2013