MOTION DAZZLE At the Turn of the River © Laura Gianetti
At the Turn of the River

A solo exhibition by Merete Vyff Slyngborg
Curated by Mette Woller
15. June – 14. July 2013
Opening 15. June 2013, 19-22h

Guided tour: 22. June 2013, 13h

Grimmuseum is pleased to present MOTION DAZZLE – At the Turn of the River, the first solo exhibition in Berlin by Danish artist Merete Vyff Slyngborg.

Originally, the word trend is a nautical term from the 17th Century referring to a coastline or a turn of a river. However, in the late 19th Century, the term broadened increasingly to describe ‘a general tendency’. In its current state, trend is linked to both the mechanisms generating tendencies and the visual indications themselves, thereby making the term embody both something in motion and positioning itself simultaneously.

MOTION DAZZLE – At the Turn of the River investigates the moment when things change or enter into new directions. By applying concepts and strategies from the fashion industry and interior design, the exhibition scrutinises what happens when objects and motifs are reassigned to new categorisations or linguistic determinations.

In the exhibition different patterns become a symbol of the world’s collage mechanism where things are constantly restated and placed upon each other. Consisting of different elements, a pattern represents a composition or certain articulation, which is displaced as soon as parts are added or subtracted or as soon as it is being placed in new constellations.

Through camouflage, modernistic expressions, kitsch and graffiti as a definition of space and expression, Vyff Slyngborg experiments with the gradual transition of terminology between different fields and the value of taste and aesthetics attached to it. This is also present in the ambivalent correlation within the title and term motion dazzle, which operates with illumination and concealment at the same time. Derived from nature, motion dazzle describes an anti-predator defence, where conspicuous patterns degrade an observer’s ability to judge the speed and direction of a moving prey. In the same way the exhibition searches for blurring lines and slippery trajectories, be it both in relation to the works involved and the exhibition as a unified form.

Merete Vyff Slyngborg (b. 1982) studied at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna and graduated from the Funen Academy in Denmark in 2011. Former exhibitions: 68 m2, Copenhagen. Arcadia Missa, London. Toves Galleri, Copenhagen. HDTS, Joshua Tree, California. The Common Place, Leeds. Vyff Slyngborg is also one of the founders of the exhibition space YEARS, Copenhagen.

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Council.


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