ON OFF MOMENTS © Laura Gianetti
On Off moments
May 10, 2013 - June 9, 2013
Opening Friday 10. May 19-22h
Curated by Amelie Wedel
Presented artists are: David Horvitz, Daniel Kötter, Mikka Wellner, Murat Adash, Laura McLardy, Gretta Louw, David Kroell.
Guided Tour: May 19, 2013- 16h

Grimmuseum is pleased to present the group exhibition on Off moments from May 10 - June 9, 2013.
The exhibition displays works by young artists that reveal a moment of absence in different ways, thereby disclosing paradoxes of presence / absence, visibility / invisibility, and self-referentiality / external-referentiality. What happens when the absent comes into focus, assuming equal prominence to the present?
The absence often arises in a momentary form: made apparent in disappearance, the transition of conditions, the limitation of our perception, or as fragmentary cutouts.. The individual works engage with different topics, underlining once again the multivalence of the subject. The impact of new technologies on communication, the transformation of natural materials, and the investigation of mechanical possibilities of movements and more are all aspects raised in the exhibition.
Therein the works repeatedly touch upon fundamental considerations regarding the visualization of the absence: how can traces of the past be made present? Is the moment of vanishing, the transition from existence to non-existence itself tangible?
This exhibition coincides with the month of performance art in Berlin. Performance art, characterized by a specific dependence on time and non-repeatability, is an extreme form of engaging with moments of presence and absence. In presenting this notion of absence in a variant artistic form, performance art further lends to the dialogue explored by this exhibition.

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