Daddy YOU can't make a cactus...this has been done ! © Laura Gianetti
Daddy YOU can't make a cactus...this has been done !
January 18, 2013- February 17, 2013
curated by Cato J. Dibelius

opening 18.01.2013 7 pm

Artists: Seb Koberstädt, Michael Sailstorfer, Thomas Behling, Rodrigo Oliveira, Roman Lang, Martin Pfeifle, Djuneid Dulloo,
Jakub Moravek, Kristof Kintera, Emanuel Fanslau, Daniel Man, Michael Zheng, Julien Berthier, Michel de Broin

At the age of 10, Cato J. Dibelius’ first show will appear at the Grimmuseum in January 2013. Having grown up in San Francisco, Munich and Berlin, Cato has visited over four hundred exhibitions with his father, the artist Robert Barta.
With this Cato developed a sophisticated approach to confronting art works. He learnt to look closely at art, remembering small details and cultivating vivid associations with individual works. From this the idea emerged to put a show together in which his favourite works were exhibited in the same space.

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