KANN ES LIEBE SEIN? (Julius Deutschbauer) © Laura Gianetti
KANN ES LIEBE SEIN? (Julius Deutschbauer)

For the exhibition ‘Kann es Liebe sein?’ Julius Deutschbauer performs the piece ‘Zwischen allen Stühlen der Liebseligkeit’ (Between all chairs of lovingness), referring to Robert Musil’s ‘Gespräche über Liebe’ (Conversations about love) and ‘Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften’ (The man without characteristics). The work takes the form of an exercise for the viewers to partake initiating reflections on what love might be. Regarding the content of the work, Deutschbauer does not protect anyone from anything: he openly involves and discusses topics, without shielding his audience or himself. This shameless and brazen approach brings us back to Robert Musil’s quotes, forcing us to ask: “How do I love myself? – what happens when I understand that my love for myself doesn’t suffice, will I be offended by my own love? Am I able to love someone without my shadowy, umbral nature?”

Deutschbauer examines existing definitions of love by creating a dialogue about his own beliefs in and around love. The readings will be in german only.

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