The Space Dog Odyssey: A Cold War Romance & A Space Dog Odyssey: The Prequel © Laura Gianetti
20.01 Grimmuseum presents
A Cold War Romance & A Space Dog Odyssey: The Prequel

By Honey Biba Beckerlee and Mathias Kryger

Video Extract:

Friday 20.01 at 20h and 21h

Space Dog Odyssey is a series of photo-novella performances, or rather, performances that would like to be fictional documentary films. The performances are queer, post-humanist rewritings of major historical events told through the pets of powerful politicians, in a humorous though poetic manner, focusing on the minor, the silly and the subordinate.

Grimmuseum, Fichte str 2 10967 Berlin

The Space Dog Odyssey: A Cold War Romance
August 19th 1960
The Soviet Union launches Sputnik V into orbit. On board
are two dogs: Belka and Strelka, along with 2 unnamed
rats and 40 mice.

June 3rd 1961
Caroline Kennedy recieves a gift; a dog named Pushinka

November 9th 1989
The berlin wall doesn't come down; because
one was never built...

A Sub-Space Dog Odyssey: The prequel

circa 1920
The Institute For Paraphysical Research in Munich headed by Karl Krall, experiments with telepathy between man and dog

Adolf Hitler recieves a gift; a dog he names Blondi

May 8th 1945
WWII does not end; because it never started
January 20th 2012

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