10.12 >> 12.12 2011
VERNISSAGE: 10.12.2011 19h
Fichte Strasse 2. 10967 Berlin


Anjali Alm-Basu
, Melanie Bonajo, BORIS+NATASCHA
, Manuel Bürger,
Chris Collins
, Felix Experimental Group
, Ada van Hoorebeke
, Alevtina Kakhidze
, Justin Kemp, Martin Kohout, Ola Lanko
, Daniel Michel
, Gregor Rozanski
, The Telepathy Project, Mario Asef, Gato Leiras

Maria Lanko, Wyatt Niehaus, Lauren Reid, Rachel Fox.


Node Center for Curatorial Studies – Berlin

Grimmuseum & Künstlerhaus Bethanien


Opening hours for this exhibition: Sunday and Monday 14-19 h.

Material Conversion acts as a survey of transitions in materiality and the value and emphasis that we place on it. This exhibition delineates these values in three parts; space, market, and spirituality.

In all three parts, a bridge is approached regarding tangibility and intangibility. In one regard, the bridge is between an inherent value in an object and the speculative market value assigned to it. A second link is being constructed between physical and nonphysical as these terms are altered because of emerging technologies. A third connection is made between the physical and the non-physical as art objects are produced as a culmination of research based in the practice of séance and spiritualism.

Each exhibition proposes a challenge to assumptions about art-making to the viewer. They attempt to reassess and re-qualify our definition of media, our relationship to economics and commodity and how we define and represent those things that aren’t measurable in our material existence.


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