WHISTLE, MINOTAURE! 09 (Xavier Garcia Bardon, Massimiliano Bomba, Benjamin Altermatt) © Laura Gianetti
Whistle, Minotaure! 09
curated by Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky

presents the first episode of NUDISM with
Benjamin Altermatt, Massimiliano Bomba
and Xavier García Bardón

14 September - 25 September 2011

Opening with concert by Indias Indios
14 September 19 - 23 pm
during the show

a Refreshing compilation programme featuring great music videos, TV show appearances, live footage and other documents relating to 1970s and 80s Congolese pop music. Curated by Xavier García Bardón

16 September 19 - 21pm
25 September 19 - 21pm

A Furious Undressing !

Nudism, often referring to an alternative to "Naturism", the free speech movement of the body becomes a starting point for a series of upcoming episodes. This viewing assumes to move a sense closer to a free and furious experience in a multi dimensional space.
A place where radicalism, realism and fight give possibilities to a self-conscious balance that settles and regenerates continuously.
A polyphonic story told becomes more of a panoramic view than an attempt to reach a heterogeneous form.

"La Natura Brutale" (The Brutal Nature), a publication by Massimiliano
Bomba and Bea De Giacomo can be an example of an uncontrollable revolt, of nature against man, but further still, occurrences of strangeness and ironic creativity that nature produces and reflects in its own image (like the shifting of lands, ways of life and its maps).

Benjamin Altermatt Zordan, Xavier García Bardón and Massimiliano Bomba are in this sense a combination and reflection of both the remnants of the post-colonial cities and the wider cultural mutations of recent times, and at this point is exactly where they could meet with the artistic approaches of Francesco Cavaliere and Marcel Türkowsky and their "neo tropicalist" vision. Alert in picking up the remains of actions,in continuous amplification of visions and lost mirages, this exhibition is moving into multiple directions through editions of books, films, drawings and music as a form of inquiry and narrative imagination.


Wednesday -Sunday 14-19 h.
Fichte Strasse 2
10967 Berlin

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