WHISTLE, MINOTAURE! 05 (Tomoko Sauvage) © Laura Gianetti
Whistle, Minotaure ! 05
curated by Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky
03 November -7 November
Opening/Performance: Wednesday 3. November 2010 19.30
Tomoko Sauvage

Whistle, Minotaure! is happy to present the fifth event of a series of following visual art - performance - sound exhibitions. We are pleased to announce Tomoko Sauvage´s first solo exhibition in Berlin. In A Rainbow in Curved Water Sauvage will present a new work, which has been realized specifically for the Whistle, Minotaure! exhibition series.

Does water really have consciousness, or does it just represent consciousness? Is it
just a liquid at ambient conditions ? The clouds above in a sky, dense and loose, a vapor, one falling drop onto the surfaces of waters, rippling, serving gravity, oscillating and sometimes droning... then a shower, adding colors to an imaginary bay area.

Tomoko´s obsession with water has developed a musical instrument which today looks like a ritual equipment for rain. Water is a living element. "I have to take care of it everyday. Stagnant water mutes they are, my bowls. They need constant flow and waves of water to sing. During the week of 'Whistle, Minotaure!', the water will be treated every day to make the clouds and rainfalls."

The unstable and fragile nature of the instrument demands intimacy of space and time. The silence creates the audible environment. A duration performance is a form to understand one kind of slowness of music and the sensual relation to the element. A rather cyclic structure suits the life of water.

"My current musical passion is audio feedback with hydrophones and speakers creating drones swaying with water waves. I tune 7 bowls with 7 hydrophones to meet the frequency where feedback occurs and see with the room acoustics if a rainbow appears, a rainbow tuned with natural overtones."

"A Rainbow in Curved Water" is inspired by "A Rainbow in Curved Air" (Terry Riley, 1969).

Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR)
waterbowls (porcelain bowls, water, hydrophones)

Born in Yokohama, Japan, she grew up with classical and jazz piano education. Fascinated by the fluid sound of water she heard on an Indian traditional instrument, she has been working on a self-developed 'electro-aquatic' instrument, "waterbowls", porcelain bowls filled with water, hydrophones and electronics. She literally plays with water by touching and agitating it or by making water drops fall into the bowls.
The uncontrollable elements such as sensitivity to room acoustics and irregularity of water movement play an important role in her music. In this project, her musical research develops in a simple attitude of listening to nature. She has made performances internationally and her works have been released on labels such as and/Oar (US) and dokidoki edtions (FR). She uses H2a-XLR hydrophones made by Aquarian Audio Products.


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