EXTENSION SERIES 05 (Marcio Carvahlo and Elisa Haug) © Laura Gianetti

Elisa Haug was born in 1976 in Lindau (Germany). She studied at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and at the Berlin University of the Arts. In 2005 she received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for postgraduate studies in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Since 2010 the studio support program of the Berlin Senate supports her work.
Some of her recent performances are: Stability / Instability, within grenzART, Kirschau, 2010
Displaced, within LOCALIZE, Potsdam, 2009
Searching / For Marina Zwetajewa, within Ostrale, Dresden, 2008.

“In my artwork I always try to bring up and deal with a subject in an intermediate way of working. Often my approach is like an investigation. I combine painting, drawing, installation and performance. I thereby deal with topics like identity in relation to culture, society, civilization, clichés, habits and history. Also I examine my own existence in relation to these issues.
My work Stability / Instability for example is related to the local situation of an abandoned factory and evolves from direct contention with this situation. While searching for traces I combine architectural elements, furniture, objects, body and language to form a performance and installation. Analogous to the surroundings my body constantly alternates between positions of insecurity and security, instability and stability. Table, chair, floor etc. support the body but are obstacles and frontiers as well and concertedly shape a sculptural form. In a choreography of permanent overcoming I create postures, movements and actions for the concepts of stability and instability accompanied by a spoken text. It seizes the aspect of job loss and tries to reconstruct the thoughts of the people who once worked here and were about to be dismissed. That way I investigate job loss as an existential experience and a social phenomenon. Oppositional feelings like anxiety, anger, hope, desperation, courage, patience and resignation mingle to a swan song for ruthless belief in progress”.



Marcio Carvalho born 1981 in Lagos, Portugal. He works as an active artist, researcher and curator in the field of performance art, video and photography.
Since 2009 Márcio Carvalho is the curator of the artist residence program Hotel25 in Berlin, the director and curator of the Performance festival PLOT IN SITU in Berlin and the director and producer of the TV SHOW The powers of art.
He graduates in ESAD - Escola Superior de Arte e Design in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal with a degree in visual arts, during 5 years.

Marcio’s work is based on physical and theoretical research of concepts such as memory and mechanical, cultural, social and political structures. In a final stage of his works, poetry and metaphor are the forms that he uses to built his actions and performances.

The artist works relies on its multidisciplinary ability of crossing disciplines. He believes that video, photography, painting, sculpture and theater play many different roles in his performances. “This art fields are tools to be used in performance actions and to be forgotten as individual disciplines”.

Christopher Hewitt_Photo Andres Galeano 01
Performance Art Jukebox
Presented by Christopher Hewitt

The Performance Art Jukebox is an open and informal presentation. You are invited to come and enjoy a drink, a chat and select an interesting video clip from the Performance Art Jukebox. Christopher will be on hand to give background information about the artists and work.

The Performance Art Jukebox playlist features around 200 videos including work by artists such as: Annie Sprinkle, Franko B, Denis Oppenheim, Chris Burden, Gilbert & George, Lone Twin, Hermann Nitsch, John Bock, Spalding Grey, Roi Vaara, Alistair McLennan, Gary Stevens, Baktruppen and many others.

Christopher Hewitt has been involved in area of performance art for the past 20 years, working as a curator, teacher, facilitator and very occasionally as a performance artist himself. For nearly 10 years he was based in London where, amongst other things, he ran his own performance art venue ‘Hollywood Leather’ and worked as the Director of Live Art at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. In 1999 he went on to set up a performance art degree programme in Turku, Finland. Over the past four years he has worked as the producer for the Norwegian performance theatre group ‘Baktruppen’. He is currently resident in Berlin from where, since January 2006, he has been publishing 'liveartwork DVD', a quarterly collection of performance art video documentation (www.liveartwork.com/dvd).

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