WHISTLE, MINOTAURE! 04 (Invernomuto) © Laura Gianetti
Whistle, Minotaure ! 04
curated by Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky
Dungeons and Dregs
30 August - 5 September
Opening: Wednesday 1. September 2010, 19h

Dungeons and Dregs

Welcome in the mortal and lightning world of invernomuto

Once you're in, it's not easy to escape the dungeon. Go, get lost in it!
Invernomuto starts a journey with the two modern-wizard Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky.
7 steps, coinciding with 7 adventures, all collected on the blog (dungeonsanddregs.blogspot
.com), and presented in different forms during the 7 days of the exhibition.

"See that?
That's seven-ply, seven layers of a thin veneer… that are bonded together, cross-grain, to form a board that's practically indestructible."

The ability to transform into light what has ceased to shine, to see through the eyes of a cat that could jump from a roof atrium, resting in silence, to send telepathic messages. These are some of the powers used by invernomuto to follow obsessively a glimpse of reality that can represent the past present and future of other worlds, distant geographies outside the scope of our imagination. Two guys under the same light, with the same name, mirrors reflected again, skilled in techniques and strategies to blow up a cosmos in an empty room.

As you step outside 'exhilarating there video series B.O.B. with John Duncan as a story teller. Invernomuto decided to accept the invitation of Cavaliere & Türkowsky to be adventurous within their growing labyrinth Whistle, Minotaure! Two figures mirroring two figures to continue their work based on a dualism, to put on the "Siamese" uniform, filled with practical and theoretical research. Four figures ready to decipher signals indistinguishable from nebulous destinations and complicated paths, finally decided to stretch the line of routes and maps in which many protagonists have ventured but not always returned.

The group will work the whole day. During the day they will explore hidden areas, share collected specimen of landscape, collected and recorded stories. When the evening arrives this process will be transposed - transformed in the space of the museum, creating a show that will manifest itself and collapse again, until the day when everything has appeared and shortly after disappeared again.

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