EXTENSION SERIES 04 (Maria Cosmes in collaboration with Saverio Longo) © Laura Gianetti
Maria Cosmes

A fundamental feature of my work is the search and appropriation for an own space and time, that are at the same time of other people, aliens; through a symbolic manipulation that gives sense to these space and time, which simultaneously are a product of that manipulation. I use what I call “cultural materials”, either objects or ideas with their own inherited symbolic load, torsioning them to transform them into own symbols which I attempt to share with the other ones. To get sense is necessary to interrelate with the others.

I consider my work an experimental project of re-appropriation and resignificance of cultural symbols coming from the prevailing symbolic imaginary. Every project is presented as an effort to intervene in this imaginary introducing aesthetic and reflexive elements in different contexts in order to modify it. That's a slow experiment, however, ambitious that searches to manipulate and to make a detournement of the established cultural codes to sanitize them of obsolete and coercive symbolic meanings for the real men and women and to regenerate the symbolic fabric in our society.

Finally, as an artist woman, I realise that is evident that each one of us brings along ourselves and along our body the "stigma" of the feminine. Any woman that shows herself publicly is not only another individual human being; she brings out the myth that exists in all women and each one of them. Because of that, as an artist I'm interested in creating situations in which my presence and my attitude towards the other, men and women, becomes a symbolic object that transgresses the individual to become universal: gentle, sharp, indifferent...

Maria Cosmes Roman (Barcelona, 1963)
Visual and performance artist.

Studies in Prehistory and Ancient History (University of Barcelona 1988), Studies in Cultural Anthropology
(University of Barcelona 1993), Postgrau in African Studies (Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, 1994).
She starts her artistic career in 1993 with visual poetry and artistic installations. In 1998, she starts to
work intensively in Performing Arts and she shows her work in different countries of Europe, America and
Asia, in festivals and in art centres, among others, in FADO (2007, Toronto. Canada), Centre International Poésie Marseille (2004, Marseille, France), Infr’actions (2006, France),
Performances de tout genre ( 2007, Switzerland) VIVA Festival (2006, Mont-real. Canada) Là-Bas and
Augusta Gallery (2002 and 2004, Helsinki. Finland), in Konsthallen (Gotemburg (2006, Sweden), La Casa Encendida (2005, Madrid), in Santa Mònica Arts Centre (2006, Barcelona), in Contemporary
Culture Centre of Barcelona (2005, Barcelona), Sinopale, Contemporary Art Biennial (2008, Turkey),
10 Open Performance Arts Festival (2009, Beijing, China).
As a cultural manager she has been in organisation of different events of visual poetry, mail art and
performing arts, since 1997.
She is founding member of eBent, International Festival of Performance, that take place every year since
2001 (www.ebent.org)
She had receiving some art grants from Autonomous Government of Catalonia and Institut Ramon Llull.

Artistic trajectory
Before finishing my studies in Anthropology, I begin to interest me in art world as a way less restrictive to
express my critic and creators impulses. After working in Visual Poetry and Artistic Installation with Group
STIDNA! , in 1996 I discover Performance Art, since then I have been almost totally dedicate to develop
my artistic work in this area. With my performances I explore, politically and emotionally, complex and
dangerous world of human relationships and the imaginary is associated. I always use the interrelation
with participant audience to cause evolve my artwork. I have been invited by diverse national and
international festivals to show my work in different cities of Spain, Europe, America and Asia. The last
four years, my career moves towards the creation of performances that results in performatic installations
and in production of objects, these ones become independent from process gave them origin, to achieve
new plastic and symbolic readings in the receiving users.
Some performance art works in last years: ‘Liens, Le lien est rouge, While we were weaving, S/T,
The Seamstress, Between two, Entomological collection, Saeta of silence, Manual of
elegance and efficiency always and everywhere.
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