EXTENSION SERIES 03 (Essi Kausalainen and Andreas Sell) © Laura Gianetti
curated by Andrés Galeano
with Essi Kausalainen (FIN) and Andreas Sell (DE)
Residence: 19-25 April 2010
Performances: 22 April 2010, 19:30h
Documentation: 23-25 April
Lecturing Guest: 25 April, 18:00 h. Johannes Lothar Schröder

For the third Series of Extension, Andrés Galeano invites an interesting combination of young
artists: the Finnish Essi Kausalainen and the German Andreas Sell. The two artists will portray a
different way to understand a performance: Sell's work being conceptual and minimalistic, and
Kausalainen's pieces building a very gentle and poetic language of physical images. Both artists,
however, have a very special manner to include others in their own performances and to extend
their artistical actions towards the audience.

Andreas Sell was born in 1977 in Bayreuth/Germany. Currently he´s living in Berlin. 2008 he
graduated from the School of Art and Design Berlin Weißensee. In 2006 he received an annual
scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to continue his studies in the
MFA program in New Forms at Pratt Institute NYC. 2008 he received the Mart Stam Award for
most promising young artists of the School of Art and Design Berlin Weißensee. 2009 he received a
postgraduate scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service to continue his artistic work
in the People´s Republic China.

“I occupy myself with the idea that people will have to use less time in the future to acquire
sufficient means for financing their basic needs. How will people use their free time then? My work
as an artist is dedicated to the organization of everyday working relationships. I stage work, thereby
turning it into a performance”.

Essi Kausalainen (b.1979) studied performance art and performance theory at Turku Arts Academy
and the Theater Academy of Finland. Since 2000 Kausalainen has performed in numerous festivals
around the world (Europe, Asia, America), and has had three solo exhibitions in Helsinki (2007,
2008 and 2010).

“In my work I explore the human body/being in relation to the space that surrounds it. I’m
interested in the physical experience of being (body as a space, body as an action, body as an
identity). The pieces are often based on a slow process of making (of becoming). They built a poetic
language of images, gestures and spaces – a language that invites the audience into a gentle
dialogue. The medium of my work varies from performance and installation to drawing and video”.

Dr. Johannes Lothar Schröder is based in Hamburg. His free lance research has backgrounds in art-history and visual arts and focuses on Futurism and Performance Art.
He actually is concerned with the recycling of his archive into objects, performances and installations like “Relic-Lounge”.
A prototype of it was realized during the www.performance-festival.de at Salzau and lead to “Architexture” (Performance Research, Vol. 11, No. 3).
Schröder is also member of the board of Einstellungsraum www.einstellungsraum.de and co-editor of the „journal oriental“www.amokkoma.eu
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