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White Dome Geyser eruption (5:38-5:40 PM, 9 August 2015) 2 | by James St. John
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White Dome Geyser eruption (5:38-5:40 PM, 9 August 2015) 2

White Dome Geyser (White Dome Group, Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone Hotspot Volcano, northwestern Wyoming, USA)


Geysers are hot springs that episodically erupt columns of water. They occur in few places on Earth. The highest concentration of geysers anywhere is at the Yellowstone Hotspot Volcano in northwestern Wyoming, USA.


White Dome Geyser has one of the largest geyserite cones in all of Yellowstone. It is the most significant and most active member of the White Dome Group. It has an old, large, projecting, whitish gray to pinkish-orangish cone of geyserite (siliceous sinter) that sits atop of a larger, low, paleo-hot spring geyserite mound.


Eruptions of White Dome Geyser are moderately frequent and are almost inevitably 2 minutes long each. Eruption spouting reaches up to 30 feet high, spewed from a fairly small vent. Eruptions are not predictable, as intervals are rather erratic - they often occur every 20 to 30 minutes or so, but known intervals range from 9 minutes to about 3 hours. Short-duration spitting or very low spouting occasionally occurs. Sometimes, "minor eruptions" lasting 10 to 15 seconds will occur. Spitting or minor eruptions can ~closely precede a normal eruption.


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Taken on August 9, 2015