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Life in the big old barn... | by Tina M89
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Life in the big old barn...

I love old barns...though they are disappearing quickly. I grew up on a dairy farm and we had one of these big old barns with the huge haymows.


I remember playing in that barn so much...


Making forts and tunnels in the hay. I actually got stuck in a tunnel and they had to dig me out...maybe that's why I'm so claustrophobic today :-)


Playing gymnastics on the big ropes that hung.


Swinging across on one of those big ropes and jumping into a pile of loose hay because my brother dared me too and spraining my ankle.


Trying to catch pigeons and actually bringing one in for pet day.


There's nothing like hide and seek in a haymow, endless places to hide.


Fun times in the barn...the simple before xboxes, video games, iPhones, facebook, computers, etc. Times as a kid when playing was about getting out of the house and being creative and adventurous...good memories.


With all the technology of today life seems to be speeding forward at such an alarming rate. It's the culture of "I want it now and I don't want to wait." Instant messaging, tweeting, texting, life with cell phones when you can be reached anytime, anywhere...etc.


But there is something to be learned in waiting. It gives you time for reflection, it enables you to let go of whatever it is you are waiting for and to not be driven by it in a wrong way.


When life is so instantaneous and we get to those moments when the hydro goes out, the internet isn't working or the cell phone is lost or out of range...what happens within we we feel as though our lifeline has been cut.


I think if there's anything we really need to teach our kids and ourselves as adults in today's culture is that it's okay to wait and be still. It's actually a necessary discipline to learn.


~ hff!


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Taken on May 20, 2012