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Want your democracy back? Do two things. Vote and contact your representatives. | by DonkeyHotey
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Want your democracy back? Do two things. Vote and contact your representatives.

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Want your democracy back? Do two things. Vote and contact your representatives.


Why do you think Republicans, the American Legislative Exchange Council and other radical anti-democratic groups are working so hard to limit your right to vote? They have stated explicitly that their chances of electoral success go up when the total number of voters goes down.


Republicans and their corporate sponsors are successfully limiting voting rights through a large arsenal of means. Here are just a few:

- Using voter caging

- Requiring voter ids

- Scaring potential voters away from the polls by various means

- Confusing the voting public about their rights immediately prior to an election

- Limiting the number of polling places and hours of operation in "Democratic" districts

- Restricting vote by mail and early voting

- Hampering voter registration efforts

- Stripping felons of their right to vote after they have served their time (also making more felons by incarcerating more potential Democratic voters through asymmetric enforcement of drug laws)

- Implementing database driven gerrymandering that pushes Democrats into pretzel shaped districts and thereby shrinking the number of Democratic legislative seats

- Incessantly describing government as the number one problem in America and work hard to prove it by making government ineffective and corrupt. This lessens the perceived value of voting.


The anti-democratic forces have think tanks full of people continually developing new creative methods to reduce Democratic turn-out. They leverage the influence of money and generally legal means to implement these changes. The Democrats response is to sit back and ignore the problem in most cases. They don't want to be seen as conspiracy theorists.


Does your vote count?

Would billionaires spend millions to influence your vote if it had no value?


If all eligible citizens exercised their right to vote it would go a long way to changing the way America works.


Whenever opposing corporate forces get really excited about preventing or encouraging passage of legislation the media dutifully stirs up the masses. They use repetition to cause fear among the populace and cause them to contact their legislators. Obama Care, PIPA, and SOPA, are some recent examples. When citizens respond to hype and in large numbers call their representatives in Washington or their state governments, legislators take notice.


Citizens need to be on the phone, email and fax to their representatives frequently voicing their concerns about legislation that is weakening our democracy. If we don't let them know we are watching and vote them out when they don't listen nothing will ever change.


Voting and voicing your opinions, these to simple acts are essential acts of citizenship and can change how America works.

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Taken on October 9, 2012