reel #93

aspen, colorado, 1977


dewolf home - meeting of aspen computer society

gathered around a homemade computer in nick's mad lab


part of an archival project, featuring the photographs of nick dewolf


© the Nick DeWolf Foundation

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  • Ellyn 7y

    what a timewarp photo! i was about the same age as these kids in the 1977 photo but i didn't have access to a computer until probably 1982, and then it was only in my school lab. unless of course you count atari....

    and check out that towhead in the back with the shirley jones hair!!
  • Ivan DeWolf 7y

    I believe it was a kit computer from a denver company, if I recall correctly they were called "digital group". I soldered the memory boards.
  • nick dewolf photo archive PRO 7y

    thanks for the background info, ivan!
  • Ivan DeWolf 7y

    also, I'm pretty certain that the standing kid with the striped sweater is Juan Thompson, Hunter S. Thompson's son...
  • d_wangateur 6y

    Oh yes that is Juan and Me too
  • d_wangateur 6y

    Z80 S100 digital group Nova with a huge 16 Kilo bytes of ram and a 24 X 64 character screen a tape deck for loading prorgamms
    don't for get the Quartz window on the Z80...
  • nick dewolf photo archive PRO 6y

    thanks for the comments and additional info, brad...
  • d_wangateur 6y

    My mom wants copies of these shots what do I need to do???
  • nick dewolf photo archive PRO 6y

    i have added you as a friend/contact, brad, which will allow you to download nick's photos.

    click on "all sizes" up above, and you should be able to download the largest version of this image. let me know if you need any help with this...
  • Dan Marsh 6y

    Great photo!

    My first computer was a Z80 based Sinclair ZX Spectrum. These were first produced in 1982, but took me about a year to talk my parents in to buying me one!
  • nick dewolf photo archive PRO 6y

    thanks, Photomage...
    this set of photos brings back good memories for a lot of us...
  • Bernard Neve PRO 5y

    fine hair cut! :-)
  • Ivan DeWolf 5y

    I believe %100 of the kids in this photo have made their living off of computers....
  • Chris Maytag 5y

    I love this photo. Takes me back!

    Right around this point in time, I was learning basic programming concepts by modifying BASIC apps on a Commodore PET located in a broom closet at my school in Santa Barbara. I was one of about three people who ever even touched the thing.
  • TJ Simpkins 5y

    I am one of them who has made a living with computers, building flight simulators...
    TJ Simpkins
  • Chris Bloom PRO 4y

    Fascinating, both Nick's and Sibad's photos
  • LeeZer_UK 4y

    Awesome pic. I love thinking about the evolution of computer groups. I was born in 84 in birmingham UK. I unfortunately missed the birth of the home computer. My first was a spectrum closely followed by a bbc, that'd have been around 88. i soon went to 286's and 386 dx 266's. in the 90's i went regular to computer meets and fairs. buying and selling gear. 2000 hit and i was in london studying computer science. I continued to goto computer meets and fairs upto about 2003. I went to Lan parties for a few more years. Move to current times and i don't go anywhere to meet other computer geeks really. I've got a few mates locally but the community is much more online :-(. I sit in my living room with i7's in both mac and pc variety. I learn loads online and work but it's not the same as trying to fix a server thats blown in a lan. or marvelling at some technical marvel at a fair. thank you for the pictures they're great
  • Angela Martini PRO 2y

    I love how everyone had a bowl cut except for that one curly kid. :^D
  • pedrik PRO 2y

    Very cool
  • Jason Combs PRO 2y

    This is very cool! I was only 2 years old in 1977, but I have very fond memories of hanging out at a friend's house in the early 80s playing text based RPGs on my friend's father's 8088. I think that was my first experience with computers. Then shortly there after my school got a bunch of Apple IIe's. Good times.
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